10 07 2005

There is a state religion in America. The Democrats and Republicans both kowtow to it. This religion is the basis for the values on which the vast majority of political and personal decisions are made in America today. It is taught in our schools. Children are encouraged to learn it by their parents. This religion is called: ECONOMICS.

How can we tell if the country is doing well? By the gross national product,. How can we tell who is beloved of God? Why, the Lord maketh wealthy those who serve Him well. Just ask Pat Robertson .Whatever returns the most money is the best use of capital, labor, or property. To worship is to value highly, and profit is what our culture values above all else.

I am here to tell you that this worship of economic gain is the worship of Mammon, also known as the Lord of This World, also known as the eater of babies. How disingenuous for the servants of a baby-eating god to call themselves “pro-life”! But I digress….The Republicrats and Demicans—and yes, the one bunch is rats and the other bunch has only a half a can—both bow at the altar of “economic necessity and growth”–all they argue about is how much and for whom. The Green Party, by contrast, understands that, as the bumper sticker puts it, “the best things in life aren’t things.” What is best in life is the ability to balance self-esteem and humility, willingness and ability to give and receive love and nurturing, and, as the old country song puts it, a satisfied mind. These qualities cannot be bought or sold; they can scarcely be measured. They can, to a certain extent, be taught and learned—and a core group of individuals thus empowered is the only thing that can and will change our society into a happier, more interconnected, more stable one.

The Green Party is thus a party not merely of societal transformation, but of personal transformation, and it is not just another opinion on how to share the material world as it is now. We envision a world transformed through our own radically transformed interaction with it.

Wouldn’t you like to do that too?



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