24 07 2005

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more outrageous, it got more outrageous. It’s not enough to believe three impossible things before dinner, it’s got to be six. Or ten. Karl Rove and the Bush gang are spinning and blowing smoke as hard as they can, but there are some facts that just won’t go away, no matter who they nominate for the supreme court—which is an audacious move to make,since the questions and answers involved in the Valerie Plame affair should be enough to remove Mr. Bush and his gang of slime from office and preclude them from nominating anyone to the supreme court. How many criminals get to appoint their own judges? In any parliamentary democracy they would have had to resign or risk being shouted down. In the tin-horn countries of the world, their own military would have taken them out by now. Up against the wall, Mr. President!

Here are the facts

1. Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA operative, in charge of the worldwide U.S. effort to keep rogue nations from creating weapons of mass destruction. Her unmasking has virtually destroyed that effort, put the lives of many of her associates in danger, and made life less safe for everyone on the planet. The CIA does have its good causes, and this was one of them, but no more.

2. Karl Rove is subject to Executive Order 12958, which specifically forbids those privy to classified information from disclosing it directly or confirming that someone without security clearance knows something that is technically classified. This executive order was revised and updated by George W. Bush on March 25, 2003,

3. Mr. Rove learned about Valerie Plame’s CIA cover at a White House briefing before he talked to anybody in the press about it. This happened in late June or early July of 2003, not that long after EO 12958.

4. Rove, at very least by a nod and a wink, which is still a violation of Executive Order 12958 , let several reporters know that Valerie Plame’ worked secretly for the CIA and encouraged them to publish this information.

5. Penalties for violations are not optional. EO 12958 specifically says “Officers and employees of the United States Government … shall be subject to appropriate sanctions if they knowingly, willfully, or negligently … disclose to unauthorized persons information properly classified.”

6. Mr. Bush is stepping back from his constitutionally mandated duty to enforce his own executive order.

So the question gets to be, what does the Bush junta think they have to gain by all this?

Let’s step back and check into the action in the natural world. On the Pacific Coast of the U.S., coastal water temperatures are running 3-5 degrees warmer than normal. Tropical species are appearing in water where they have never been seen before. Mortality of some seabird species is up by a factor of 50. On the Atlantic coast, the ocean off St. John’s, Newfoundland, is the warmest it’s ever been, and the sea ice last winter was the thinnest, although the Labrador Current is running colder than normal—possibly as a result of increased ice-cold meltwater flowing into it from the Greenland icecap. In the Caribbean, we have had two major hurricanes in JULY and the water is, again 2-5 degrees warmer than normal.

On another front, Peter Raven, curator of the Missouri Botannical Garden and a recognized expert on ecology, said recently in an interview in England’s Guardian newspaper, that he believes we will see half to two-thirds of all species on the planet go extinct in the next hundred years.

What this mean to me, folks, is that the disaster snowball has started rolling and picking up speed.

The Bush junta, of course, officially denies all this, but I think they’re lying about what they think about climate change just as surely as they’re lying about just about anything else you’d care to mention. You see, if they deny it, they don’t have to do anything about it. If they cut all the safety nets, throw out all the safeguards, and grab all the resources they can for themselves, they figure they’ve got a better chance of making it through the impending disaster, and you and I are more likely to die, and then they won’t have to deal with us and our annoying questions.

Bush’s ranch is set up to be solar powered. Frist is building a bunker in his new house in Nashville. No telling what else they are doing in undisclosed locations around the country. They know there’s a storm coming, and they want to be the ones to survive. That’s why they don’t care a rat’s behind about conscience, integrity, fairness, or compassion: they think we’re standing at the end of history, the beginning of a new dark age in which they can be the lords and write the history. Meanwhile, they figure, you’ve got to break a few eggs to make an omlet.

Are they insane? Quite possibly. I believe that it is still possible to reorganize society along sane lines, to create a world in which concerned neighbors and not the devil will see to the hindmost. The same Jesus they love to flaunt said, “Howsoever ye treat the least of mine, is how ye treat me,” and I believe that is the standard to which we need to hold ourselves. George, Karl, Dick, and their ilk can run, they can even hide for a while, but ultimately they cannot escape their fundamental miscalculation: the stability of a society is not based on its material resources but on the morality and sanity of its members: and when it comes to morality and sanity, the Bushies haven’t got a clue. They are as doomed to failure as the Third Reich. I just pray we can get these bad actors off stage without the catastrophic conclusion that it took to end Mr. Hitler’s little morality play.

May God have mercy on your soul, Karl. You may be able to B.S. the American people but you can’t B.S. Nature.

Much thanks to for many of the facts and quotes in this story.

P.S. (added in September) Since I wrote this, all that warm water in the Gulf of Mexico has parlayed into two more major hurricanes….and who’s in charge of the reconstruction effort? Karl Rove!




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