9 10 2005

John Roberts, a fascist, is now leading the United States Supreme Court, and two of the Democrats that I still had some respect for—Pat Leahy and Howard Feingold—helped put him there. Thanks, guys…So much for the two-party system.

Fascist? ! Fascist?! What do you mean, calling him a fascist? Didn’t we fight World War Two to stamp out fascism? No, sweetie, we fought World War Two to stamp out German/Italian/Japanese fascism and make sure American fascism would prevail. Sure, “fascism” is a loaded word—but it was Mussolini himself who defined it as the collaboration of government and big business for their mutual benefit—and that’s what’s going on in America today, and that ‘s what John Roberts and Harriet Miers are all about. Sure, they’re both anti-abortion (unless it’s for one of their kids, I’d bet), but that’s just a subset of their belief that people need to be tightly controlled and predictable for the sake of a better business climate. Gay rights? Hey, if that’s what it takes to keep you a satisfied citizen of the corporatocracy, they’ll give you that. Don’t be fooled.

A lot of people are wondering why on earth Mr. Bush has asked Ms. Miers to be on the court. They must be blind. As criminal investigations unravel the administration, as the Valery Plame affair points more and more at Rove, Cheney, and Bush, any potential felon who could would put his lawyer on the bench that might judge him.

The Republicans like to talk about the importance of impartial judges—but they’ve got a funny definition of “impartial.” To them it means, “someone who agrees with us.” Just look at the Native American Trust lawsuit, which I reported on in an earlier show. Judge Royce Lamberth is being taken off the case because it seemed likely that he would find for the plaintiffs—the Native Americans who have been ripped off by the U.S. government, which would result in the government having to pay billions to the tribes, who overall are some of the poorest people in America. But I digress.

And the Democrats? What are they doing about unindicted co-conspirator Bush stacking the courts in his favor? The Democrats are just playing along. Harry Reid even suggested Miers for the court! Not a word about impeachable offenses, not a word about war crimes, give the man what he wants. I am disgusted. I am glad I have a Green Party to turn to—but I sure hope we grow up fast.




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