7 09 2006

This month’s Truth in Strange Places award goes to congressional candidate Dr. Mary Maxwell, a Republican candidate in a primary election that will be held this coming Tuesday in New Hampshire. Dr. Maxwell has distinguished herself by telling her interviewers at the Nashua Telegraph that the US government had a role in the 9-11 attacks, either by allowing the plot to proceed or by actually fomenting it. She refuses to state which of those she thinks most likely.

This news snippet got my attention—a Republican is rushing in where the Democrats fear to tread? I did some research. Her credentials are outstanding. She lived in Australia for eight years and earned a PhD in—politics, of all things, while she was there, and she served as President of the Australian Institute of International Affairs. She spent five years in the United Arab Emirates with her pediatrician husband, while he helped start a medical school there, and says she found “found Arab people to be exactly like the rest of us.” She lost her husband to cancer in 2000. Since then she has worked towards a law degree, published several books on ethics in international relations (lauded by no less than Harvard’s Edward O. Wilson), served as a visiting scholar in the school of Law and Religion (what a combination!) at Emory University, and been a Summa Cum Laude scholar at Mannheim University in Germany. She would definitely bring more to the House of Representatives than someone who had been, say, an exterminator, dontcha think?

So—she’s been living out of the country quite a bit, getting real news instead of the corporate Prozac that American TV watchers get dosed with. Yeah, yeah, I know Australia is Rupert Murdererdoch’s home turf, but Ms. Maxwell is obviously someone who thinks for herself.

And, oh yeah—she’s got a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the primary.

But she’s not alone in thinking that the twin towers was an inside job. According to recent surveys, about a third to half of all those polled agree with her. But you’d better not try too hard to prove it, and you can bet nobody that knows is going to step forward. Let me tell you a couple of stories about why.

Our first story concerns an Italian man named Adamo Bove, who was head of security at Telecom Italia, Italy’s largest telecommunications company. Bove had recently used mobile phone records to uncover how the CIA and Italy’s equivalent agency, SISMI, had illegally conspired to kidnap an Egyptian cleric and have him tortured in Cairo. It seems Bove’s bosses were conducting illegal wiretapping and doing their best to cover it up, but Bove’s help with the investigation had already forced one of Telecom Italia’s executives out, and it looked like, with Bove’s help, more indictments would be on the way. Then a funny thing happened….Adamo Bove apparently jumped to his death from a freeway overpass. He had not been suicidal; he left no note.

The next story takes us just across the Adriatic to Greece, where, a little over a year earlier, just before the Athens Olympics, Costas Tsalikidis, a software engineer for Vodaphone, Greece’s leading telephone company, discovered that the company’s mobile network was bugged, enabling somebody to eavesdrop on sensitive government discussions, as well as members of the opposition, journalists, and, oh, gee, Arab businessmen! The bug, he discovered, fed the tapped calls to several antennae located suspiciously near the American embassy, and yes, that’s highly circumstantial, but it is not circumstantial that the antennae transmitted to a telephone number in Laurel, Maryland, right here in the USA, which—just circumstantially, y’understand, happens to be the hometown of America’s National Security Agency.

Tsalikidis was psyched about discovering this. He felt he was on to something big. And then, one morning, his mother, poor woman, found him hung from some water pipes in his apartment, his feet a tantalizing, too distant three inches off the floor. He left no suicide note, just a deeply bereaved fiancee.

The next day, the head of Vodaphone reported the bug to the prime minister; but he made sure the bug was destroyed first, although that destroyed the way to prove the unfortunate Mr. Tsalikdis’ allegations.

The prime minister then made sure the story was buried, as he did not want to sour his country’s relations with the U.S.

Investigating these cases, I’ve come up with a third suspicious “suicide” in Italy, that of Michele Lanzi, in Tivoli in 2002, but all the googling I can do, all the searches of European newspapers, reveal no further reference to this than a mention in a discussion of the Adamo Bove case. Can any of you hard-core conspiracy theorists out there help me on this one?

The Bove discussion also revealed that the Italian verb for “suicide” has a transitive form, as in, “The Mafia suicided him.” Or the CIA. Are these the kind of “War on Terror” tactics the Bush-Cheney cabal would like to bring home?

music: Leonard Cohen, “Everybody Knows”


I really like your views, relative to the articles I’ve read. I’d like to know how you come up with the voting habits of members of congress and the senate?
Posted by ochipwa on 09/12/2006 12:53:03 AM




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