11 01 2007

It’s kinda old news by now, but when he was sworn in, Bush’s new Reichminister, excuse me, Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, said, “we simply cannot afford to fail in the Middle East. Failure in Iraq at this juncture would be a calamity that would haunt our nation, impair our credibility, and endanger Americans for decades to come.” I have news for you, Mr. Gates: We have already failed in the Middle East, and the calamity WILL haunt our nation, impair our credibility, and endanger Americans for decades to come. Did you know that “Baghdad” is Arabic for “Stalingrad?” And we’re playing the role of the Germans?

And now Bush has called for a “surge” in troop strength to reinforce Stalingrad—I mean Baghdad. He fired Generals Abizaid and Casey (who were running the Iraq war, in case you didn’t know) when they told him it wouldn’t make any difference, and demoted “Intelligence Czar”John Negroponte for saying it wouldn’t make sense. He’s ignoring the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, which was hardly a group of flaming radicals—and now it turns out that the firing of Donald Rumsfeld, far from being a response to the overwhelming popular rejection of his policies demonstrated by the election, happened because Rummie was starting to question the very policy he has been shilling for all these years. The only question I have about the current resident of the White House is how much of his behavior is intentionally criminal, and how much of it is sheer raving lunacy.

Oh, by the way, Mr. Rumsfeld gets our truth in strange places award this month for this suggestion from his memo questioning whether the war was going as well as he’d been insisting it has: “Set a firm withdrawal date to leave. Declare that with Saddam gone and Iraq a sovereign nation, the Iraqi people can govern themselves. Tell Iran and Syria to stay out.” thanks for saying that, Don….now, about your war crimes trial…and Joe Biden says he thinks even Cheney’s getting a little fried on the conflict…maybe he’ll invite Dubya to go duck hunting….

The much-ballyhooed Iraq Study Group report did confirm the real motive for this war, although it was politely ignored by big media: the ISG affirmed Der Furher’s goal of turning Iraq’s oil supplies over to his supporters in the oil biz , and our puppet governor there in Stalingrad, I mean Baghdad, has taken steps to comply with our wishes in this matter. That’s why we must insure the stability of the Iraqi government, even if we have to do a New Orleans and either kill or chase away enough Iraqis so that the ones who remain are compliant with our wishes. After all, the Russians thought they had an oil deal with Saddam, and that was torn into itty-bitty pieces when the US invaded. We’re not gonna let that happen to us, nossir. We’re gonna hang on and push for victory in Iraq through the rest of Bush’s term of office, come hell or high water, so that then the Republicans can blame the next administration for our defeat in Iraq. Smells like Rove spirit, don’t it?

Which brings up the truth in Herr Bush’s notorious statement, “They hate our freedom.” They hate our multinational corporations’ freedom to make money at their expense. That’s the freedom the US army is stretched to the breaking point to protect. That’s the freedom we’re going to “surge” another twenty thousand troops into the country for (if we can find them). It’s not about Stalingrad—I mean Baghdad. It’s about those oil wells. Herr Bush is calling for “sacrifice”…not here at home, where the American Way of Life is Not Negotiable, but the sacrifice of more young Americans’ lives in Iraq. He is proposing human sacrifice…to protect and increase the wealth of the corporations that sponsor him—and yet he calls himself a Christian. Sounds like Mammon-worship of the most perverted kind to me.

Meanwhile, the US has conducted a highly provocative raid on an Iranian consulate in Kurdistan (can you say, “causus belli,” boys and girls?) and the US Navy has dramatically increased its strength in the Persian Gulf, possibly getting ready for a “Gulf of Tonkin incident” to precipitate war with Iran—or to help cover for a rumored, possibly nuclear Israeli air strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, which would be sure to bring the already fevered pitch of the Middle East to full riot stage. Yeah, let’s turn a bunch of radiation loose on them ragheads! That’ll learn ’em! If this is what’s going to happen—and a round of meetings between Bush, Olmert, and Blair suggest it may be—those twenty thousand new bodies in Iraq will be needed to keep the Green Zone from being overrun, if they can—this once-secure domain has lately been subject to the occasional mortar attack.

But what makes me think that Bush could “get away” with widening this already unpopular war?

The Democrats.

Last Summer, when Israel invaded Lebanon in what was widely regarded as a proxy war with Iran and Syria, the Democrats almost unanimously voted with the Republicans to support Israel.

Last Fall, every Democrat in the Senate and all but 21 House members voted for the “Iran Freedom Support Act,” which lays the groundwork for meddling in Iran in the same way that the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, which also passed with strong bipartisan support, began the process that has ensnared us today.

The Democrats are not the good guys, they’re just the “good cops”–and you know what good cops are good for. They are not “the party of the people.” They use liberal cultural trappings to attract popular support just as surely as Republicans wrap themselves around the Bible for theirs, and their lust for wealth and power will drive them to betray the common people just as surely as the Republicans have betrayed their evangelical base. Have you noticed Nancy Pelosi’s not talking about repealing the “No More Bankruptcy” bill that so many Democrats voted for when Bush pushed it?

It’s way past time for a truly popular movement in America to channel the frustration and disempowerment felt by so many of us and create a workable world. Green Party, anyone?

music: Jackson Browne, “Soldier of Plenty




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