closing notes

10 06 2007


Our Truth in Strange Places Award goes to Al Gore this month, for saying, in his new book “The Assault on Reason,” that Bush and his junta are “out of touch with reality,” that his administration is so incompetent that it “can’t manage its own way out of a horse show,” that it ignored “clear warnings” about the terrorist threat before 9/11 and that it has made Americans less safe by “stirring up a hornets’ nest in Iraq,” while using “the language and politics of fear” to try to “drive the public agenda without regard to the evidence, the facts or the public interest.” My only question, Al, is why didn’t you come out swinging like this in 2000, when it might have made a difference?

And there should have been big, black screaming headlines about this recent disclosure, but there weren’t: CO2 emissions have been, says the London Independent, “rising at thrice the rate (of) the 1990s. The Arctic ice cap is melting three times as fast – and the seas are rising twice as rapidly – as had been predicted.”

Meaning, global warming is happening even faster than the IPCC estimates that came out last month, which postulated that we had about ten years to avert a runaway disaster. “Three times faster” seems to indicate that we have about three years, instead. Knowing this, for the US, China, and India to continue to drag their feet on cutting carbon emissions—and for the Europeans to be as polite about it all as they are being—is genocide. Not just people, but whole countries and continents need to be kicking and screaming and boycotting and whatever else it takes to stop the profit machine from killing us all. Bush and co. claim to be “right to life” advocates? I say they are the most murderous bunch of hypocrites to ever infest this planet, and the Democrats in Congress who continue to enable them are accessories to the Bush junta’s war crimes and genocide. Here’s hoping we all live to see the day when Bush, Cheney, Rice, and co. are wearing orange jump suits and calling Guantanamo home—after we give it back to the Cubans.
How to do this? Stay tuned for information on the Green Party’s SE regional campaign school! How’s that for a David and Goliath answer? Hey, you know how that mismatch came out!

Viva la Revolucion Electorale!

music: Eliza Gilkyson, “Man of God,” Stephen Smith, “New World Worder



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