closing notes

12 07 2007

I appreciate the overall tone of that song, but I have to take its gallows references as a metaphor for the end of a dysfunctional identity–like being a member of the Bush/Cheney administration—not the termination of a human life. Scum that they are, I wish them no harm. When I hear the refrain, ” I’d like to see him dance.” I do not visualize Mr. Bush dancing at the end of a rope. I see him—and his wife, and all that whole sad, inhibited, psychotic crowd–dancing around a fire at a Rainbow Gathering, dancing long past midnight to raging drums and shakers and shrill flutes, their eyes unfocused, sweat pouring off their bodies, hair gone wild, ripples of ecstasy shimmering through their brains, having the time of their lives at last. I don’t want the Bush junta hung, folks. I want them, as the Firesign Theater calls it, “returned for regrooving.” Enough said.

This month’s “truth in strange places” award goes to Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, who is famous for calling global warming “a hoax.” He joined with Senators Jim Jeffords, Mary Landrieu, and David Vitter to pass a bill closing the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet Channel, an Army Corps of Engineers boondoggle that helped the flooding of New Orleans last summer and has been responsible for the erosion of thousands of acres of southern Louisiana wetlands. Thanks, Jim. Now, about the rest of your record…

And we give the “one step forward, one step back” award to both Japan and Norway. Japan has decided to withdraw its troops from Iraq, and Norway is undertaking the construction of a a world seed bank on the isolated and, so far, frozen island of Spitzbergen; but the two countries teamed up to soften the International Whaling Commission’s ban on commercial whaling. The Japanese got permission to expand the number of whales they catch for “scientific study”–and oh, their scientific studies are financed by selling the whale meat they just happen to harvest for $100 a pound. Thar she blows! And I mean it–that really blows!

And finally, we give the “my dog ate my homework” lame excuse award to the Bush administration and their leading defenders in Congress, who argued with a straight face for seizure of prescription drugs that individuals bring back from Canada on the grounds that they could be used to hide dangerous chemicals for terror attacks. If you or I insisted on something that ludicrous, we’d be candidates for prescription drugs, ourselves. But nooo, this is the government…..our tax dollars at work…good grief! Fortunately, even the Republican-dominated Senate wasn’t buying that level of looniness, and the bill failed.

John and Beth will be here with you next week. Good night!


James McMurtry: See the Elephant

The Waterboys: Wind in the Wires




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