11 08 2007

to get my fair share of abuse,” Mick Jagger wrote nearly forty years ago. Well, Mr. Street-Fighting Man, some of us are still going down to the demonstrations, but what we get these days is more like benign neglect than abuse, at least most of the time, at least from the public. The old days of passers-by shouting insults, flipping us off, and occasionally getting violent are no more. Like Al Gore in 2000, we have won the popular vote, but failed to gain control of the institutions.

The particular demonstration I went down to was a Hiroshima Day observance in Nashville, held at a busy intersection at rush hour. We were polite and stayed on the sidewalk—hey, there were only a couple dozen of us, compared to the hundreds who often turned out for early anti-war demos in this town—it was no time to be rude. And there would have been no point in trying to stop traffic, anyway—most of the drivers honked and waved and were generally friendly. “HONK TO STOP THE WAR IN IRAQ,” one of our signs read. If only it were that easy.

Of course, it was crazy hot, which I am sure cut into the turnout—and, as I said, people have started to sense that, although we are still free to demonstrate all we want in this country, the Bush junta has decided that it is cheaper and more effective to ignore us than it is to repress us.

A lot of people in our vast, unnameable movement are very freaked out about a recent dictat from Cheney/Bush entitled “Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq.” My friends are concerned that this is means the Bush junta is about to start rounding us all up and and putting us in camps. Now, I have to admit that this presidential order is a fascist’s wet dream–it separates people from their money and property, which is a civil action, but does not actually arrest the people themselves–which would be a criminal action. If they took criminal action against someone, that person would be entitled to a lawyer and have some shreds of habeus corpus left–but, by keeping it as a civil action the junta manages to separate people from both their right to a free lawyer and their ability to hire one– <!– @page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } plus, they tar any lawyer who will work for such a person with the same conspiratorial brush and open that lawyer up to having his or her property confiscated, too. Kind of a domino effect. Very clever, Karl. I mean, it’s thoroughly unconstitutional, but we have seen time and time again that the courts aren’t going to worry about Constitionality at a time of crisis like this.

Hey, the administration just got a passel of Dimocrats to roll over and vote for a bill that takes them off the hook for the illegal domestic spying they have been doing. They’ve got the Supreme Court in their back pocket. Why should they worry about a few peons out in the streets with signs? Our noise does not reach their ears. If it should, they will give us, as Napoleon once said, “a whiff of grapeshot,” or at least do their best to pick off some leadership, but they’ve got better things to spend their money on than locking up all of us.

F’rinstance, the Justice Department has decided to pursue its crusade against medical marijuana in California by threatening dispensary landlords with property confiscation for renting property to a criminal enterprise. No more heartbreaker photo ops of the Feds putting handcuffs on people in wheelchairs, just behind-the scenes maneuvering.

I think that, in spite of all their denial, they know full well that a storm is coming, and like the rest of us, they want to be the ones to survive. Unlike the rest of us, they have the power, will, and lack of morals to do everything they can to make sure of their own success, and so in their eyes they are performing triage on the human race, which means letting all of us inferior types perish, preferably through benign neglect–levees, bridges and steam pipes breaking, insufficient health care, financial collapse, that sort of thing. Sooner or later malnourishment, epidemics, and bad water will be on the list of acceptable collateral damage to make sure that God’s Chosen Genepool keeps on reproducing. Hey, they’re already acceptable everyplace else in the world–why not here at home?

They may be powerful now, but I think they’re too crazy to survive. Between their lifestyle habits and their twisted psyches, they’ll eventually kill themselves off, and then the rest of us can get on with the business of creating a peaceful, just, and gracious world–even if it’s no longer a very wealthy one. Peaceful, just, and gracious beats wealthy every time, in my book. Hang in for the exciting conclusion of this one–next chapter is, “NATURE BATS LAST AGAINST DICK AND KARL’S EXCELLENT CONSPIRACY.” You won’t believe how it comes out….. and I don’t know yet either!

music: Steve Earle, “Conspiracy Theory





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