8 09 2007

Our Truth in Strange Places Award this month goes to US Senator Harry Reid, who vowed to “use every means at my disposal” to stop plans to build three coal-fired powerplants in Nevada. Last month, after a speech in Reno, Reid said he was opposed to new coal-fired plants anywhere. “There’s not a coal-fired plant in America that’s clean. They’re all dirty,” Reid told reporters after speaking at a conference on renewable energy. He said that the United States should turn to wind, solar and geothermal power in an effort to slow climate change. “Unless we do something quickly about global warming, we’re in trouble,” he said.

Well, I hope he has more success on this than he’s had stopping the Iraq war or the Bush junta. Good luck, Harry, you’re gonna need it. And thanks for not being a pimp for nuclear power.

I also feel a need to give a “Misplaced Priorities” award to all the Republicans calling for Idaho Senator Larry Craig to step down. Now, I kind of agree with them. I think that anybody who is so neurotically compulsive that they need to have anonymous sex is too nutty to make important decisions for this country. Not that it should be against the law, just that it should limit your access to decision making. I want to make it clear that I have nothing against two people who happen to have the same plumbing having a deeply significant, intimate, long-term, legally-recognizable relationship, and I don’t think your partner’s plumbing should bar you from higher office, but sex with strangers in airport bathrooms to me indicates underlying neurosis that is crying to be dealt with.

The other thing about that is that here we have a guy who voted for everything Bush stands for—Patriot Act, Iraq War, bankruptcy limits that have made it impossible for people with major medical debts to escape them, the Defense of Heterosexual Marriage Act, denying habeas corpus, torturing Muslims, you name it, and none of that was too much for the people of Idaho, but go for a ding-dong break between flights in Minneapolis, and you’re toast! Talk about misplaced priorities!

Meanwhile, somebody has bet billions on a major stock market collapse this month, and somebody—maybe the Chinese—is starting to dump tens of billions of dollars in US Treasury Bond holdings, both signs that what’s left of peace and prosperity in this country may be about to vanish like a rabbit snatched by an owl.

In the Arctic ocean, an area of ice twice the size of Great Britain disappeared just over the course of the last week. In my neighborhood, whole hillsides of trees and underbrush have wilted, dried, turned brown, and died. My thermometer registered 107.9 F before things finally started cooling down a little. Is this an anomaly? Is this how it’s going to be from now on? Or is it going to get worse? We don’t know. We just don’t know.

music: Frank Zappa,” Jezebel Boy



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20 12 2007

Very nice site. Maria

20 12 2007

thank you!

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