still more stories to watch

9 01 2008

i used to save these stories to files on my computer, then pull them out to write my stories, but i’ve decided to post the links, with comments, instead…probably shoulda done this months ago, but i’m slow to change sometimes….when i started writing these, i didn’t even put in links at all!

anyway, this one comes via, and it tells us how sincere the Bush junta’s reps were when they said after being booed in Bali that they’d go along with efforts to curb global warming:

EPA stonewalling Barbara Boxer’s investigation of its denial of a waiver for California and other states

some good news from the same source:

Community-Owned Wind Power Development Planned in North Dakota.

popular rebellion? A judge in Ohio has ruled that owners of CDOs have no right to foreclose and evict people from their homes…

just how fast is Greenland melting? And what will it mean to live in an era of rapidly rising sea level?




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