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10 01 2008

Republican lap dog Hillary Clinton cries her way to a plurality in New Hampshire!  Apparently, she garnered a big sympathy vote because people perceived that she was getting picked on because she’s a woman.  She’s not getting picked on because she’s a woman.  She’s getting picked on because she’s wrong. I would love to see a righteous woman candidate for President.  We don’t need another Margaret Thatcher!

from Democracy Now:

ROBERT PARRY: Well, I think, Amy, one of the interesting things here is that some of the foreign policy issues have reflected back on some of the larger character issues, if you will, about some of the candidates. One of the concerns, for instance, about Senator Hillary Clinton has been her ties to the Washington establishment, whether she is too much of a calculating politician. And one of the surprising issues that emerged early in the debates was her support of the Kyl-Lieberman amendment, which was a resolution to declare the Iran Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization. And she was seen as sort of playing to, again, this sense that she would be part of that Washington establishment of how these kinds of issues are approached. She seems to be playing into the hands, again, of the neoconservatives. So that became a defining issue early on, in terms of dealing with Senator Clinton and whether she really has broken from her earlier support for the Iraq war in a serious way and whether she really has become a skeptic of how President Bush has conducted himself. So that was used, I think, not only to point out her actions on that one issue, but also to show that she might not have been as fully understanding that the policies she had followed in 2002 and 2003 were mistaken. So I think we’ve seen that sort of issue.




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