Plan B

13 01 2008

as i’ve often said, it’s not how to stop global warming that’s the problem, it’s how to motivate the power elite to change their ways….here’s Lester Brown’s prescription for action, published in Time magazine of all places…but, as Time puts it:

“Altogether Brown calculates that his Plan B would cost the world an additional $190 billion a year. That might seem high, until he compares the price tag to the global military budget, which stands at more than $1.2 trillion. All we have to do is find the political and popular will to implement the plan. But that’s the problem. Brown’s proposals are solid, but the real battle over climate change is now political, not technological, and it’s one that too many environmentalists tend to discount. If you’ve drunk the green Kool-Aid, it can seem frustratingly obvious why we need a $240 carbon tax, or why the climate change challenge is on par with World War II, and thus demands Rosie the Riveter redux. But the true, painstaking challenge of the next few years will be building a broad political coalition that will support that level of commitment. Brown’s Plan B is a great blueprint for combating climate change, but we might need a Plan C to put it into action.”



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