14 01 2008

The Christian Science Monitor reports on what it means when we say the Mediterranian will be hotter and drier…

Overall, temperatures for the summer months were about 5 degrees warmer than average. Months passed without rain. Then deadly fires swept across the country, killing at least 67 people and scorching some 650,000 acres of land.

The abnormal weather in 2007 is not proof that climate change is here, scientists say, but it is a strong indicator. And it’s a taste of what’s likely to come if the world continues to spew greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

“You can say it was probably an ordinary summer of the years to come,” says Christos Giannakopoulos, a researcher at the National Observatory of Athens and contributor to the UN-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). “This [kind of] summer still will not happen every one or every two years. But in the future, this … might happen every year.”

and that’s probably what last summer in the states was–a forerunner of things to come.I’ve been talking with a local forester who says we’ll be losing trees for years from last summer’s stress…so it’s probably not “if” we have more years like last year, but when.  Get out in the woods while you can…it looks like time to say goodbye…




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