18 01 2008

in DID DIEBOLD ENDORSE HILLARY? I referred to Bill Clinton’s derailing of investigations into various crimes and misdemeanors of the Reagan and Papa Bush years. I also mentioned Hillary’s statement that if elected she would send Bill and Papa Bush on a goodwill tou,r, which was taken by many as a signal that she would not be prosecuting the Cheney-Bush junta for their many crimes. Here are a couple of stories that lay out more evidence for illegal complicity between the two families. I am not absolutely certain of their reliability–to me, both have a little of that “right-wing nutjob” flavor, but I think they’re worth considering.

a sample quote from the first:

This area of the website has been assembled in response to the persistent claims of a few individuals (well, just one, really) that Mena is a myth, that the CIA never ran cocaine through the Mena airport, or laundered the proceeds through various Arkansas financial institutions including Morgan Guarantee, Madison S&L, Worthen Bank, and most importantly, the Arkansas Development Finance Authority. That such activities took place at Mena (among other locations) should hardly be surprising, as a read through most newspapers shows that government connections to drug running are not only commonplace, they have become the inevitable symptom of these totally corrupted times.

and from the second:

 “The fact that the Bushes and the Clintons are on the same team – and have been since their alleged Iran-Contra partnership in an airport operation in Mena, Arkansas involving the transshipment of cocaine destined for the streets of America – is not something that most Americans have yet incorporated into our political equation.”




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18 01 2008

the idea that people in power would engage in importing cocaine to further their own financial ends and ultimately enhance and increase their power….is monstrous
I have seen the wreckage and ruin that coke causes, and it is NOT limited to the user, anyone on the periphery ends up suffering
What means would these people NOT employ to advance their agendas?

18 01 2008
martin holsinger

it’s been said that “cocaine is god’s way of telling you you have too much money,” which i would amend by saying that cocaine is also a way to cripple the weak.

as far as i can tell, the power elite in this country, which crosses dimocratic-repug party lines, is out to ditch everyone it views as superfluous, which would include anybody stupid enough to do cocaine…sort of like psychological rat poison.

at the same time, they can generate a lot of off-the-books money by importing and selling cocaine….it makes sense in a perverted kind of way

back in the 90’s i didn’t believe all the stories implicating bill clinton in this, but given what’s starting to come into focus now, thinking they may have been right.

19 01 2008

maybe as you say, it “makes sense in a perverted kind of way”, but being out to ditch everyone it views as superfluous…… there were some guys in Germany that had that as a cornerstone of their population policy, cant quite recall their name, but they had some guy with a little mustache…. and before they were done I have read that 20 million were dead….
so certain segments of our population are disposable…
I would rather, at least in principle, and even better in action try to take
everyone along for the ride, rather than leave them in the ditch.
as long as we have a class, or elite who believes themselves entitled to rule, and their policies are that the masses are to be controlled, exploited, manipulated, lied to, extorted, and economically enslaved…… well, wtf, I guess the only successful defense against that is the knowledge, awareness and skills to insulate yourself from them and their snares.
Monsters……….every damn one of em!!

19 01 2008
martin holsinger

grampa bush’s connection with those guys in germany is well known….as the twig is bent, so grows the tree…..

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