23 01 2008

with Watergate, we had 17 minutes of suspiciously blank tape….and, according to Democracy Now, a strangely similar deletion has occurred:

New Questions Raised Over Missing White House Emails

New information has come to light about the growing controversy over the millions of missing White House emails. Last week Congressman Henry Waxman revealed the White House had failed to preserve emails for at least 473 days. In addition Vice President Cheney’s office show no electronic messages preserved on 16 separate days. The watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has analyzed the 16 days when Cheney’s office claims it has no email archives. One of the days is Sept. 30, 2003 – the same day the Justice Department and FBI announced they were investigating who outed former CIA agent Valerie Plame. Cheney’s office is also missing e-mails from Oct. 4, 2003 – the day the Justice Department demanded that the White House turn over “all documents that relate in any way” to the leak of Plame’s identity.




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