24 01 2008

Bless their hearts for keeping score!  This just in from the Center for Public Integrity:

President George W. Bush and seven of his administration’s top officials, including Vice President Dick Cheney, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, made at least 935 false statements in the two years following September 11, 2001, about the national security threat posed by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Nearly five years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, an exhaustive examination of the record shows that the statements were part of an orchestrated campaign that effectively galvanized public opinion and, in the process, led the nation to war under decidedly false pretenses.

On at least 532 separate occasions (in speeches, briefings, interviews, testimony, and the like), Bush and these three key officials, along with Secretary of State Colin Powell, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, and White House press secretaries Ari Fleischer and Scott McClellan, stated unequivocally that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (or was trying to produce or obtain them), links to Al Qaeda, or both. This concerted effort was the underpinning of the Bush administration’s case for war.

And the capper is that it’s looking more and more like Hillary Clinton, who has been in on the fix from the getgo, is going to be the Democratic candidate….some democracy, huh?  Like I say, it’s a choice between the good cop and the bad cop….not only should impeachment be on the table, treason should be on the table…but since both Dims and Repugs are the criminals, who could hold the trial?




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21 02 2008

A US Representative in the House Judiciary Committee, which controls whether there will be impeachment hearings or not, has been trying to get the Chairman of the Committee, John Conyers, to commence with Cheney impeachment hearings. That Representative, Robert Wexler, has set up a petition web site to help show that impeachment has substantial support. Supporters are invited to add their names at:

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