27 01 2008

Chalmers Johnson lays out in devastating detail how maintaining military superiority has destroyed America.  A sample:

Nuclear weapons furnish a striking illustration of these anomalies. Between the 1940s and 1996, the United States spent at least $5.8 trillion on the development, testing, and construction of nuclear bombs. By 1967, the peak year of its nuclear stockpile, the United States possessed some 32,500 deliverable atomic and hydrogen bombs, none of which, thankfully, was ever used. They perfectly illustrate the Keynesian principle that the government can provide make-work jobs to keep people employed. Nuclear weapons were not just America’s secret weapon, but also its secret economic weapon. As of 2006, we still had 9,960 of them. There is today no sane use for them, while the trillions spent on them could have been used to solve the problems of social security and health care, quality education and access to higher education for all, not to speak of the retention of highly skilled jobs within the American economy.




2 responses

28 01 2008

32,500 of those monstrosities, damn those madmen, how many planets did they think they needed to capability to incinerate?
but, thank God we have ONLY 9,960 now….

28 01 2008
Sander Bonvell

It’s too bad we judge our humanity by its technology, and not by its morality. Remember just a few weeks ago, the question about the legality of “wasboarding”? Imagine asking if torture is legal! No wonder we never get anything done, and keep on spending vast sums not doing it.

And we’re at it again, with the current administration’s push to increase our nuclear arsenal with new types of nukes, reliable replacement warheads.

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