kinda good news from Washington….

30 01 2008

Dems Defeat Republican Fast Tracking of Spying and Telco Immunity Bill

By Ryan Singel EmailJanuary 28, 2008 | 4:43:25 PMCategories: NSA

Senate Democrats defeated Monday a Republican attempt to ram through a bill that expands the government’s warrantless spying powers and give retroactive legal immunity to telecoms that aided the President’s secret warrantless wiretapping program. The attempt by the Republicans to prohibit amendments to the bill and limit debate time failed to gather enough votes and failed with 48 yes votes and 45 against it. They needed 60 yes votes to limit the debate..

They didn’t want to reject it entirely, just kind of modify it a little….the Repugs wanted to make it permanent like, last month–can’t cover their tracks fast enough, I guess…




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