10 02 2008

 This links to a jaw-dropping map of current world snow cover:

Jan08 Northern Hemisphere snow cover: largest anomaly since 1966

9 02 2008 There have been a number of indications that January 2008 has been an exceptional month for winter weather in not only North America, but the entire Northern Hemisphere.

We’ve had anecdotal evidence of odd weather in the form of wire reports from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and China where record setting cold and snow has been felt with intensity not seen for 30-100 years, depending on the region.

So much for  global warming, huh?  No, not at all.  It’s hard to be sure of causes in the realm of weather, but it sure looks to me like all this precipitation is a result of so much of the Arctic Ocean having thawed over last summer.  And sure, it’s frozen back for now,but what will happen next summer?  We don’t know.  We just don’t know.  But we’re sure as hell going to find out.



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