29 02 2008

An article written by Larisa Alexandrovna and published online at RAW STORY discloses that two of the 9-11 hijackers stayed for several weeks immediately after their arrival in the US with an employee of a Saudi Arabian defense contractor.  The employee’s name was “redacted” in the public report here in the US but inadvertently released overseas.  The man was allowed to return to Saudi Arabia without being interrogated; when the FBI talked to him abroad, he insisted that he had “just happened” to find the two a couple of weeks after they arrived in southern California, although the timeline that the FBI put together on their movements made it obvious that they had been in contact from the time they arrived.

The article also makes much of one of the hijacker’s having purchased tickets that involved travel after 9-11, but it seems to me like a reasonable thing to do to cover your tracks.  You don’t want to be like that nudge  who told his flight instructors that he was only interested in flying airplanes, not landing them!

”But from the FBI’s timeline, we now know the hijackers started staying at Bayoumi’s place on Jan. 15 – the very same day they arrived,” Thompson says. “So obviously they must have been met at the airport and taken care of from their very first hours in the US. That’s huge because the FBI maintains to this day that the hijackers never had any accomplices in the US.”




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