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13 03 2008

Spitzer’s Shame Is Wall Street’s Gain

by Robert Scheer

Tell me again: Why should we get all worked up over the revelation that the New York governor paid for sex? Will it bring back to life the eight U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq that same day in a war that makes no sense and has cost this nation trillions in future debt? Will it save those millions of homes that hardworking folks all over the country are losing because of financial industry shenanigans that Eliot Spitzer, as much as anyone, attempted to halt? Perhaps it provides some insight into why oil has risen to $108 a barrel, benefiting most of all the oil sheiks whom our taxpayer-supported military has kept in power?

Sure, the guy, by his own admission, is quite pathetic in all those small, squirrelly ways that have messed up the lives of other grand public figures before him, but why is an all-too-human sin, amply predicted in early Scripture, getting all this incredible media play as some sort of shocking event? The answer is that, while having precious little to do with serious corruption in public life, it does have a great deal to do with stoking flagging newspaper sales and television ratings.

The sad truth is that reporting on major corruption, say, the rationalizations of a president who has authorized torture, doesn’t cut it as a marketing bonanza. Just days before this grand exposé, the president vetoed a bill banning torture, and instead of being greeted with horrified disgust, the president’s deep denigration of this nation’s presumed ideals was met with a vast public yawn. Torture, unlike paid sex, doesn’t have legs as a news story.

And, in his own write (with commentary by Carolyn Baker):


Wednesday, 12 March 2008

[The following article was published in The Washington Post the day after

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer allegedly engaged the services of a call girl

at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. When one reads Spitzer’s

words, one can only wonder if he was targeted by the perpetrators he

was investigating.–CB]

How the Bush administration stopped the states from

stepping in to help consumers.

Several years ago, state attorneys general and others involved in

consumer protection began to notice a marked increase in a range

of predatory lending practices by mortgage lenders. Some were

misrepresenting the terms of loans, making loans without regard to

consumers’ ability to repay, making loans with deceptive “teaser”

rates that later ballooned  astronomically, packing loans with

undisclosed charges and fees, or even paying illegal kickbacks.

These and other practices, we noticed, were having a devastating

effect on home buyers. In addition, the widespread nature of these

practices, if left unchecked, threatened our financial markets.

Even though predatory lending was becoming a national problem,

the Bush administration looked the other way and did nothing to

protect American homeowners. In fact, the government chose

instead to align itself with the banks that were victimizing consumers.

meanwhile, on Alternet, we have this question:

Why Hasn’t David Vitter Resigned?

Posted by Adam Howard, AlterNet at 10:19 AM on March 12, 2008.

Following nearly three days of intense media scrutiny, which has now led to

Eliot Spitzer’s resignation, Democrats are asking a legitimate question:

What about David Vitter…Dick Morris…Larry Craig…John McCain and for

that matter Dick Cheney and George Bush?:

Karl Rove just added another Democratic scalp to his collection:

Eliot Spitzer’s.

Spitzer has not been charged with any crime. He was railroaded by

the Corporate Media, led by Rupert Murdoch’s NYPost and FOX News,

with Karl Rove’s “loyal Bushies” leaking furiously from Bush’s InJustice


So what’s the standard here? If hiring prostitutes is a disqualification

for office, then David Vitter must resign today too. In fact, a good chunk

of the men in politics must also resign (and possibly a few women as well).

And a bunch of reporters and editors must quit as well. And pundits too –

yes I’m talking ’bout you, Dick Toesucker Morris.

If adultery is the standard, then Larry Craig must resign today, along with

half the men in politics and the media.

the good news is that David Paterson, who will replace Spitzer, is, in spite of being

a Hillary booster, a pretty decent guy:

In 1999, when New York City activists organized civil disobedience to

protest the police shooting of African-immigrant Amadou Diallo, one

of New York state’s most prominent legislators arrived at police

headquarters in Manhattan to be arrested as part of the a remarkable

civil rights protest.

The veteran state senator who was rising to a leadership role in

Democratic circles took a place symbolically blocking an entrance to

One Police Place and held his wrists out. Police officers attached plastic

handcuffs and led the distinguished gentleman away to be charged with

disorderly conduct.

The legislator’s name was David Paterson.


OK, here’s the commentary:

It’s obvious that Spitzer was targeted by Wall Street and the Bush Junta. He has

already cost them bigtime and was about to assume national prominence….likely

would have been a Presidential contender in another few years–Senator, you name it.

And our country’s fundamentalist disgust with prostitution is just plain stupid. And so

was Eliot Spitzer….I don’t know what itch he needed to scratch that his wife couldn’t

handle, but this is where the perspective gets deep.

The great, totally ignored Ur-addiction in our culture is mens’ addiction to orgasm.

This unquestioned addiction is responsible for more stupid behavior than alcohol.

I don’t have time to go into it deeply right now, will try and get something together

for next month’s radio show. THERE IS ANOTHER WAY! And that’s all for now….



3 responses

14 03 2008

Yes, you have put the spotlight on the hypocrisy and supreme irony of
all this turmoil, it is also pandering to people’s weird little yucky voyeuristic
quirks……. let’s clean out ALL the closets, can you imagine the stuff that
would get dragged out into the daylight? I, personally, would rather not know, I am just a bit busy with my own life.
These same people have pissed away nearly 4000 lives, in the interests
of assuring the continuity of a stable supply of oil…….. I dont believe,
that it is even worth the loss of ONE life, to preserve the “health” of our
economy, in it’s present form and direction.

14 03 2008

Greg Palast weighs in:

The $200 billion bail-out for predator banks and Spitzer charges are intimately linked

By Greg Palast
Reporting for Air America Radio’s Clout

March 14th, 2008

[To hear it, click on the link below…]

While New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was paying an ‘escort’ $4,300 in a hotel room in Washington, just down the road, George Bush’s new Federal Reserve Board Chairman, Ben Bernanke, was secretly handing over $200 billion in a tryst with mortgage bank industry speculators.

Both acts were wanton, wicked and lewd. But there’s a BIG difference. The Governor was using his own checkbook. Bush’s man Bernanke was using ours.

This week, Bernanke’s Fed, for the first time in its history, loaned a selected coterie of banks one-fifth of a trillion dollars to guarantee these banks’ mortgage-backed junk bonds. The deluge of public loot was an eye-popping windfall to the very banking predators who have brought two million families to the brink of foreclosure.

Up until Wednesday, there was one single, lonely politician who stood in the way of this creepy little assignation at the bankers’ bordello: Eliot Spitzer.

Who are they kidding? Spitzer’s lynching and the bankers’ enriching are intimately tied.

15 03 2008

I DO think that Mr. Spitzer’s family is the loser, maybe these days, I am in
the minority as far as holding the belief than when you are married, you
have taken a vow, and adultery is not honoring that vow. But, his having
not honored that vow is a matter between him and his wife, not an
excuse for a public lynching.

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