14 03 2008

Some months ago I reported on Andrew Feldmar, who has been denied entry into the US because of work he published over thirty years ago that advocated using LSD for therapeutic purposes. Feldmar’s case came to the attention of fearless crusader for truthiness Stephen Colbert, which resulted in this report:




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15 03 2008

of course these people fear Anyone who can see clearly, I have heard,
through hearsay, of course, as I have never used LSD ( this is a lie, but a
legal disclaimer, designed to keep me off of the list of Enemies of the Empire)
I do not personally know anyone who has used LSD, (legal disclaimer) and
I DO Not know Anyone who knows Anyone who has used LSD, and being
a Right Thinking American, would NOT knowingly board a bus, or an
elevator, or even share a camel with anyone who knows someone who
knows someone who has ridden a bus with someone who has used LSD,
or has used their camel…… or had an innappropriate relationship with an
That being said (at the advice of my attorneys) I can see why the fascists
fear this man
I hope I have made myself clear on this

14 04 2008
Roy Rogers

I sympathise with Andrew Feldmar and I know what he went through from personal experience.
I was denied admittance to the US on 6 December 2007 at Charlotte, North Carolina. I was on my way to spend Christmas with a friend in Spokane, Wa.
According to the US Customs computer, I was arrested in Huntington Beach Ca, in 1984. This was true but the charge was dropped and I never appeared in court.
I was taken in handcuffs to Mecklenburg Couty Jail where I spent nearly 24 hours and then taken back to the airport (again in handcuffs) and put on a plane back to London.

17 01 2009
Y Stephens

My sister-in-law is banned from the country, our family has never been able to meet her because of the same law that keeps Feldmar from our country. Our family is hopeful that with a new administration, some change can happen to allow exceptions to this very much outdated law.

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