25 03 2008

My wife just asked me that, and she was talking about this website:

Perhaps you have heated your house, cooked your food, or even warmed your hot water
with wood, but have not yet figured out a way to generate your electricity, or run your
internal combustion engines with it….yet.

Well, guess what? This isn’t even new technology, and it is available for you to use today.
This technology, called gasification, can be used to make the functions of cooking,
and heating, far more efficient, too.

From as early as the 1700s people have been making a high quality combustion gas
from wood and other biomass. This gas is similar to propane, and natural gas. During
WWII, a million vehicles ran for years on this “Producer Gas.” This is not an
undeveloped technology, but there is plenty of room for advancement,
in terms of developing ways to utilize it.

On this list we discuss ways of using this very effective, environmentally friendly technology, for many things, from simple campstoves, to running internal combustion engines for transportation and electrical generation, heating our homes and water more efficiently than standard wood stoves, boilers, and furnaces, and doing anything else, that natural gas or propane can do. The group purpose is to promote the sharing of knowledge about the many uses of, and means of production of WoodGas. 




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