15 04 2008

“There are 164 families in the village and they include about 300 adults and 100 children, so there are about 400 creatures to feed.’

Every Saturday the community comes together with their produce which is sold at the village hall.

Mr Snelgar added: “The most popular thing we sell is carrots.

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The majority of families have signed up to the scheme, but anyone can buy the produce

“People love the smell of fresh carrots, and we pull them out of the ground the day before we sell them.

“We don’t yet do dairy, but we hope to include that in the future and we also intend to grow raspberries and strawberries.

“We set the prices by working out how much the food costs to produce. We then add 20 per cent.

“Our pork sausages, for example, are sometimes cheaper than sausages you buy in the supermarkets. We break even and all money gets ploughed back in.

“When we started some people thought it would fail and we’d never last, but as the years have gone by more and more people have become involved.

“It is also a talking point in the village and it’s great to see people walking to the village hall on a Saturday morning talking to each other. It has created a sense of belonging.”


Now all we need is a few hundred thousand more of these!




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