8 06 2008

Barack Obama has clinched the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, and the election is his to lose.  Unless he really blows it, or the election is suspended, or the Republicans conspire to cheat unmercifully and get away with it again, he will very likely be the next President of the United States.

The Bush Junta might invade Iran and declare martial law in the U.S., but I suspect that the military is too fed up with the neocons to let that happen.  And the Repugs probably are not going to steal this election, because they would rather let the Dims be the ones to fumble around and make idiots of themselves trying to clean up the mess that eight years of out-front pillage has made of the country. It’s much easier to criticize than it is to govern, after all…I should know that!

A great many of my liberal friends are totally thrilled that a dark-skinned man with the middle name of Hussein is going to be our next President. But I think the “Hope Honeymoon” will be over mighty fast, and the next four years will be no love feast for Barack Obama or the Democrat party. While I agree that he will be a better President than John McCain, I think we are in for a long series of increasingly bitter disappointments.  Let me tell you some of what I see coming down the road.

First of all, there is the misperception that Barack is a populist candidate.  He makes every effort to portray himself that way.  His demeanor and delivery are disarming and informal.  He does not come across like a stereotypical politician, but when you read the fine print you discover that he acts like one.

He is getting the bulk of his support from Wall Street.  It is good that the banking gang has recognized that the Bush Junta is not acting in their best interests, but the fact that they have settled on Obama means that he is unlikely to do the things he should to reign in big money’s influence on this country.  Obama has already signaled his willingness to play along with the bankers by his support of the so-called “Class Action Fairness Act of 2005,” which severely limits the ability of private citizens, or even States, to sue corporations.  The NAACP,  the ACLU, and the National Organization for Women, as well as fourteen state attorneys-general, all pleaded with Congress not to pass this Republican-sponsored legislation, but Obama spoke out for it, saying, disingenuously,

Every American deserves their day in court. This bill, while not perfect, gives people that day while still providing the reasonable reforms necessary to safeguard against the most blatant abuses of the system. I also hope that the federal judiciary takes seriously their expanded role in class action litigation, and upholds their responsibility to fairly certify class actions so that they may protect our civil and consumer rights..”.

Talk about putting lipstick on a pig….but that’s only the beginning.  Obama has voted for all of the Bush Junta’s repressive legislation–from funding the Homeland Security Department to renewing the Patriot Act to supporting the so-called Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act. (Well, to be fair, that one was originated by Democrat Jane Harmon, and it hasn’t come up for a vote in the Senate yet.) He has shown strong support for strip mining, the war on drugs, the death penalty, increased military spending, and nuclear power, and opposes single-payer health care and impeachment. He supported Joe Lieberman, not Ned Lamont, and Ok’d the Bush junta’s appointments of war criminals like Robert Gates, John Negroponte, and Michael Chertoff.   He approves Israeli-style toughness in the Middle East and exile-style toughness on Cuba. He’s even talking about enlisting Republican Chuck Hegel as his running mate. For me, it gets to the point of, what’s to like about this guy?

I think a lot of liberals are projecting a lot of hope on Barack Obama, and I think there is going to be one mighty tug of war over him, which, due to the power of money, the liberal populists will lose. Obama just may be the straw that breaks the back of liberal loyalty to the Democrats, and the big winner from this will be the Green Party, beginning in the 2010 election cycle. I think the Green Party, thanks to the disappointments Obama will provide, will rise steadily in power and influence and supplant the Republicans as a major political force in this country….if the country hangs together long enough for that to happen. But that’s another story.

music:  Bob Marley, “Top Rankin‘”



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12 03 2010

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