26 07 2008

I hear there is a rumor going around that Michelle Obama is very, very upset over the discovery of a series of “hot” email and text message exchanges between her husband and Condoleeza Rice, indicating that Obama not only intends to install her in his cabinet after the election, but in his West Wing bedroom as well.  Precise details are unavailable, except that bondage fantasies, something Ms. Obama would understandably be resistant to, are involved.  Of course, nobody will admit to anything about this on the record, but the extremely salacious nature of the story makes it hard for even Washington insiders to keep completely quiet.

In a way, this is no surprise.  It would certainly complete Obama’s swing to the right, something many men undergo in their forties, changing spouses as well as political direction.  Wasn’t it Winston Churchill who said, “Any man who’s not a radical at 20 has no heart; any man who’s not a conservative at 50 has no brain”?

Well, we can argue about what “conservative” really means.  Certainly the Bush junta, which has wrapped itself in a “conservative” mantle, has taken the US in a number of very radical directions that, considered outside the realm of political labels, have nothing to do with conserving anything except the wealth of the already criminally wealthy. As for me, I have no problem identifying myself as a conservative in the most profound way.  We have no other planet to live on and nobody else to live with, and I am intent on conserving the planet and finding a way for us all to get along in order to do so.

Back to what’s really important:  Obama and Condi an item?  Will truth be stranger than fiction?  Is it possible that, while he doesn’t want to prosecute her for her war crimes, he wouldn’t mind locking her up and whipping her for them?

Stay tuned!



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28 07 2008

As to the rumors about Condi and Obama, never discount the fact that the Republicans had Karl Rove running their strategies, and that mofo plays dirty. Rove, supposedly is not involved in the administration or Party anymore, and if you believe that, pay NO attention to the man behind the curtain.
The neocons are seeing their worst nightmares come to pass, it looks like Obama is going to whip McCain’s aging ass in November, so they need an October surprise NOW, they will do ANYTHING to undermine Obama.
I have trouble believing that Obama would be so stupid at this point as to be playing kinky
games, especially using electronic media, stop and think, who is monitoring all
frequencies? FISA is out the window, the Bushies have the NSA, wiretaps, web-taps,
taps on the door in the middle of the night……. Maybe in their desperation, they have
called in Rove to pitch the ninth inning, NEVER discount the possibility.
It would also be to Hillary’s advantage to see Obama slimed, remember Bill’s old
nickname? They called him “the Comeback Kid” I won’t believe Hillary is out of the game,
unless I personally see a Death Certificate and the body…..ugh, what a thought……
So, stay tuned

28 07 2008

Maybe they figure that if Obama is sleeping with Condi, it doesn’t matter to them if he wins the election…

10 08 2008
Intellectual Asswipe

In the interest of precise use of the language, you might as well say,
“there is a rumor going around”. To say “I hear there is a rumor” implies doubt.
There is no doubt! The existence of the rumor is incontrovertible fact.
Intellectual Asswipe

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