6 12 2008

Folks, I am taking a little break for a while….not for want of subject material or inspiration, or even because I just got out of the hospital, where I was treated for heart problems (atrial fibulation due to a previous, undiagnosed heart attack in August), but because either my condition or the treatment I accepted for it has rendered me temporarily (I hope!) able to read and write only with great difficulty due to blurry, overbright vision.  Hopefully, this will clear up in the next month, and I will be back in January with both the local and the personal–my down-the-rabbit-hole tour through the Great American Medical System, and a Deep Green Perspective on local criminal justice (somebody, probably my neighbor’s crackhead grandson, stole my chainsaws), the national–the ongoing disconnect between the very human Mr. Obama and his strange cast of Clinton retreads–the international–observations on America’s place in a post-hegemonic world, and the global–chronicling the planet’s ongoing immune response to the human disease, and our all-too-halfassed attempts to be less of a parasite and more of a symbiont.

Well, I hope I typed that legibly enough for you to understand, and didn’t gCW RGW JWTA IBW KWRRWE IDDM  if you know what i mean…

if you miss me, do check out my unindicted co-conspirators listed on my sidebar, especially my amazing neice Steffani and my mom’s star student, Ted Rall…and of course there’s Sharon Astyk and Carolyn Baker, whom I’m gonna have to bookmark one of these days when I can see what I’m doing…

hope to be back here for you in the new year..y’all have a warm and relaxing solstice and i’ll see you when the sun starts to return






One response

10 12 2008
Sarah B

I hope your vision improves soon, and that you recover well from your treatment. Take care!

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