13 04 2009

I’m part of the cast of this project:


“Stand and Deliver” Raises Money for Sexual Assault Center

Prater Productions and The Bardic Circle Players Present “Stand & Deliver: An Exploration of Manhood” on Friday, April 24 @ Little Hamilton, 7pm; Saturday, April 25 @ Revive, 7pm; Sunday, April 26 @ Mad Donna’s, 1pm. Tickets are a special donation of $10 to the Sexual Assault Center.

What is the definition of “Man”? Who really identifies or completely rejects that standard? How do men deal with molestation, pornography, and stereotypes? These are just a few of the questions posed and answered by “Stand and Deliver: An Exploration of Manhood”. Inspired by nationally known “The Vagina Monologues” and the local production “Read Our Lips”, this two hour show created by some of Nashville’s brightest minds explores different interpretations of masculinity by modern society and more. All pieces are original and written by the cast, which includes men and women. Covering both comedic and serious topics, this show has something to offer everyone.

“Stand and Deliver” is a fundraiser for the Sexual Assault Center, a local facility which provides sexual assault services for people of all genders, ages, and financial classes. Their mission is “to end sexual violence and provide healing for children, adults, and families affected by sexual assault through counseling and education.” See above link for more information.

“Stand & Deliver” performances will be:
* Friday, April 24 @ Little Hamilton, 7pm
1318 Little Hamilton Ave., Nashville, TN 37203
* Saturday, April 25 @ Revive, 7pm
1703 Church Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37203
* Sunday, April 26 @ Mad Donna’s, 1pm
1313 Woodland St., Nashville, TN 37206

Tickets are a special donation of $10 to the Sexual Assault Center, cash and check accepted. Reservations: 615-945-2856 or Stand.And.Deliver.Nashville@gmail.com .

I will be singing three of my songs, reciting some poetry, and delivering a comic monologue, as well as taking part in an “interview” segment…hope to see you there!




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