8 08 2009

First, the good news: Maytown Center is still dead.  Tony G.  bent supposedly sympathetic ears on the Planning Commission, saying that the vote had been taken very late at night, the commissioners were under a lot of pressure, and gee, couldn’t we have a revote?   And so discussion of a revote was placed on the Commission agenda, but gosh–certain supposedly sympathetic Commissioners just happened   to be unable to show up for that particular meeting, and with the deck stacked against them, the Maytown gang withdrew their request.  According to the rules of the game, they still have a month or so in which to have their proposal reconsidered, and informed sources tell me that, if they can’t prevail through the normal channels of civic decision making, Jack May (or rather, his lawyers) may well cook up grounds for a lawsuit to try and unload that white elephant  Zeitlin stuck him with.  Since Jack May may just have deeper pockets than the City of Nashville, this could get sticky–if at first you don’t succeed, then sue and sue again–eh, May?

Speaking of proud roosters, Nashville’s counterintuitive anti-chicken ordinance is still wending its way through the city council, and will be up for a public hearing in September.  Sorry, I don’t know the exact date just yet.  I am amazed that there is such widespread  support for this ban, but maybe I shouldn’t be.  Most people have been on the supermarket teat all their lives and have no clue that, as Albert Bates pointed out last year in his revealing post on emergency preparedness (or rather the lack thereof)  in Nashville, our grocery stores would be mostly empty in about a week if the trucks stopped running.  Without chickens, Nashville’s squirrel and pigeon population would plummet precipitously–and probably the feline and canine populations, too, after just a little hesitation.  C’mon, guys, we gotta have a better fall back plan than that!

And, speaking of Albert’s memo to the city about disaster preparedness, I have emailed Jim Hester and Jenna Smith, the mayoral staffers with whom Albert spoke, and asked them the following questions:

1)has Metro established fuel reserves for police, fire, emergency services, public transit, or the National Guard?

2) has Metro taken any steps to insure that hospital care will be available in the event of prolonged electrical blackout?

3) has Metro taken any steps to insure availability of food in the event of a national trucking shutdown?

Like most Metro officials, they have not favored me with an answer, which I presume means the answer is  “um..no.”  Meanwhile, gas prices are creeping up again.  OK, so maybe they won’t go through the roof and keep climbing right away, because the oil  producers have learned what cancer cells don’t learn –that if you suck too much of the life energy out of your victim, you end up with nothing to eat and die yourself.

But the choke-chain effect comes into play, too–if oil prices can’t go above a certain ceiling without destroying society,  then the last remaining oil deposits, which are expensive to access, will not be exploited, and we will start running out of oil even sooner.  At that point, the price will go through the roof anyway, and life in America as we have always known it goes right down the toilet–if the toilet will still flush.  I’m getting to that.  Electric cars, shmelectric shmars–there is no way out of this without major lifestyle changes.  It’s definitely backyard chicken coop time, people, and that’s only the beginning.  You’re upset about a little chicken manure?  How you gonna take care of your own manure when flushing the toilet is no longer an option? But that’s another topic… Get over it!  Here’s hoping sanity prevails in September…I’ll let you know.

music:  Merle Haggard, “Set My Chickens Free”

Ron Hubbard, “Set My Chickens Free”




One response

25 08 2009

Yeah for the death of Maytown Center. This town that I’d been living in for years out-lawed chickens many years back and then a few years back re-allowed them. Although the town has out-grown it’s britches as far as I’m concerned and become an over-priced yuppie haven, it is nice that a little bit of self sufficiency is allowed!

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