13 06 2010

I created a bit of a flap a few months back when I referred to Metro Council member Lonnell Matthews, Jr. as “Step n’ Fetchit”  for being so willing to do the bidding of the May family.   I have been doing some research on who financed Matthews’ campaign for Metro Council, and here’s what it looks like to me:  Matthews may not have thought he sold himself to the May family, but the Mays, who donated heavily to his campaign, almost certainly thought they were buying him.

By the way, it was very disingenuous of you, Mr. Matthews, to claim you don’t know the occupation of someone who lists the address of the Nashville Civic Design Center as their “home.”

I have read Mr. Matthews’ campaign finance statements, and the names and amounts are all there in cold, hard print….or maybe it’s flickering pixels, but no matter what metaphor you use (“it’s there in black and white”?  nooo…..), the facts remain the same:  the Mays–Jack, Frank, Diane, and Leon–Jeff Zeitlin and his Mays Landing LLC, and various friends and relatives of theirs, were major backers of Lonnell’s 2007 campaign for the Council, contributing $25,000 of the $35,000 that fueled his’ run for office.

.  Thirty-five grand, by the way, is an eyebrow-raising amount of money to spend in a Metro Council race.

I mean, you give a guy 25K, you might expect something in return, right?  As  Lyndon Johnson famously said, “you got to dance with them that bought you”–oops, Johnson said “brought you,” but we know what he meant, don’t we?

And Matthews at first did not dance with them that bought him, stepped on their toes when he did, and ultimately failed to deliver.  At first he appeared to oppose the plan.  When he finally got on board with it, he proved to be an inept advocate, famously telling the planning commission “We have to put the cart before the horse on this project.”  So now, the Mays are out $28M on their Bell’s Bend adventure, with no financial returns in sight.  Furthermore,   to keep their reputation up with the TSU crowd, they have had to go ahead and give TSU the 200 acres of floodplain and the $400,000 endowment that were originally promised only if the whole project went through.  Well, the floodplain, as we’ve just seen, is worthless for development anyway, and 400 grand is just chump change after 28 million.

Jeff Zeitlin is probably smiling to himself and thinking “suckas…at least I got mine!”

I can certainly understand why Matthews and many others in the TSU/ North Nashville area would find Maytown’s bait tempting.  “Jobs, education, and development” was, for many years, the magic mantra of upward mobility among a people who have been oppressed and exploited for centuries merely because of the shade of their skin, which is no good reason at all.  But the American bubble has burst.  Development is largely over, and education is rapidly becoming a portal for debt slavery rather than high-end employment.  It’s time for new priorities and a new paradigm, and I believe that the changes we are going through will ultimately be an empowerment and not a disappointment, but I also understand that it may take a while for that to sink in.

Meanwhile, Lonnell is fortunate that the Mays operate on the right side of the law, or he might find himself on the bottom of  the Cumberland in concrete shoes.  And he’s lucky that they don’t literally own him, or they would be selling him down the river, as the old saying goes.  Rumor has it hat the Mays are doing is grooming a candidate to contest his seat in the next election.

Rumor further has it that that candidate will be former Metro Council member and unabashed Maytown Center advocate Saletta Holloway, who is currently registered with the city as a lobbyist for Bell’s Landing Partners.  One aspect of colonialism is rich white people choosing which native will hold power in the colonized area and help them exploit it.  That seems to be what’s happening here.  Other than being a stooge for her white masters, Ms. Hollloway has what passes for impressive credentials.  She is, as I understand it, on the Board of Directors at Meharry Medical College and was a delegate to the 2008 Democratic convention.  I’m sure she could give Lonnell a run for, um…the money.    She will have to move into the district in order to run for his’s seat, but her backers have plenty of cash and real estate, and a strong desire to teach Mr. Matthews a lesson.

By the time of the 2011 election, Matthews will have had four years to cultivate his constituency, and from my perch here in the hills it looks like he is doing a good job of taking care of the flood-battered residents of District 1, where White’s Creek literally pushed houses off their foundations.  Perhaps Mr. Matthews has learned from his fling with the May family about the dangers and obligations of accepting outside money.  I know that, when I first met him, I was impressed with his grasp of the real issues that underlie the thin veneer of conventional political discourse in this country.  I would be wonderful to see him scrape the Maytown debacle off the bottom of his shoes and go on to greatness.  Time will tell.

music:  Yohimbe Brothers, “More from Life”



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