13 08 2011

These are crazy, wild times, and they’re only going to get wilder and crazier.  In the midst of all the bad news and our own personal difficulties, it’s important to make time and space to celebrate–to eject ourselves from our thinking, planning, worrying minds and simply enjoy the moment, the hour, the evening.  There’s lots of different ways to get your bells rung.  Bang a drum, dance ’till you’re dizzy,  howl at the top of your lungs, make love (though that is not particularly a group activity!), or just sit quietly in a peaceful place–there are many ways to rip the mask of our social self off–and , caveat, all these things can be done without dropping that make-nice mask, and it’s also very easy to pop it right back on again as soon as you’re done.    Resolve to live your life without your social role mask.  It’s the most revolutionary thing you can do. Don’t get so sucked into your daily grind that you forget to get with your family, friends and neighbors, and somehow, anyhow, get out of your gourds together.  If magic is going to happen, that’s the way it will enter the world.

music:  The Grateful Dead, “The Music Never Stopped.”



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