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13 10 2012

Incredible String Band, “October Song”  (first link is to the classic original version, which will be aired–second goes to a “live at the Fillmore” extended version, which is quite different and has its own charms!  Highly recommended!)

Kate Wolf, “These Times We’re Living In”  (The first time I’ve “actually” “seen” Kate sing….and this old man is totally crushed out on a woman who’s been gone from among us for nearly 30 years…if she were still alive, she’d be over 70….wow….

Grateful Dead, “Weather Report Suite, Prelude & Part 1″….here‘s the studio version of the whole thing, and here‘s a live version/live set from 1974 with excellent sound and visuals.

Ry Brown, “Moonset Silhouette” from “Zen in the Art of Guitar”



2 responses

16 10 2012

Thanks for playing a Ry Brown piece; one of my favorite guitarists.

17 10 2012

thanks for giving me his album!

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