13 01 2013

And so, in the end, it still comes back to thinking globally, and acting locally.  And locally, there’s an opportunity coming up for those  of us who think along these lines and live in the Nashville neck of what’s left of the local woods to get together and consider our options.  The winter gathering of the Cumberland-Green River Bioregional Council is coming up next weekend, the 18th through the 20th of  January.  This year’s theme is “Climate Calamity:  Cool It Or Lose It.”  You can read the details on the group’s “Meetup” site.  Just in case you’re not familiar with the term “bioregional,” here’s my shot at a definition:

Bioregionalism” is a word that came into use in the late 1970’s as a signifier of “the new paradigm,” i.e., a holistic way of understanding the human situation and life on Earth in general.  The bioregional view is to see the world as a network of interlocking, interacting biological regions, each defined by a loose combination of common  plant communities and watershed boundaries.

Thus, the “Cumberland-Green River” bioregion encompasses the drainage basins of the Cumberland and Green Rivers, as well as the Highland Rim areas south and west of the Nashville basin, areas drained by the Duck, Buffalo, and Elk Rivers, among others, which flow into the Tennessee River from the north or east as it flows west through northern Alabama and then turns north through central Tennessee.

The gathering will kick off on Friday night with a mixer, a great opportunity to talk, reconnect with old friends, and make new ones–well, that’s the idea for the whole weekend, really.  Saturday morning we will circle up and give short summaries of what we’ve been up to in the past year.  After that will be a potluck lunch and fundraising auction, followed by an afternoon of workshops on everything from climate change to new modes of activism to poetry and gardening.  Saturday evening, we dance.  We’re Goldmanites, dammit–she’s the one who said, “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.”  Dancing, yes!

Sunday morning will start with silent meditation and go on to a short business meeting, a potluck lunch, and an informal afternoon of slow  goodbyes and enjoying the ambiance of Eric and Beth Lewis’ lovely homestead on the Harpeth.  To return to Paul Kingsworth’s set of attainable goals, we’re a group of people who see nature as having a value other than utility, who are committed to preserving it (and have, in many cases, already created the “refuges” he calls for), we love to get our hands dirty, and we’re all working on the ongoing dynamics of being “withdrawn” enough to be grounded, without completely burying ourselves.  In fact, the one thing I think Kingsworthy left off his list was “seek the company of like-minded individuals,” because us monkeys are, when you come right down to it, critters that survive better in groups than we do alone.  Hope to see y’all at the “old landmarks” next weekend!

music:  Rumors of the Big Wave, “The Only Green World




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14 01 2013

More information please. Locations and times.

14 01 2013

As I said, the info is available on the Cumberland Greens’ meetup site, link provided. I didn’t spell it out on the show because of time limitations. The Friday night gathering is at a private home in the Belmont area, don’t know Stephen and Susan Mellet’s addy off the top of my head. Satuday session starts 9ish at Brookemeade Congregational Church, corner of Davidson and Brookemeade between West End and Charlotte, west of White Bridge. Sunday session is at Eric and Beth Lewis’s place, just a mile or so over the Harpeth down Hwy. 100–look for the solar panels on the N. side of the road, that’s their driveway just east of the panels. Meditation starts at 10AM. Oh, and Saturday night is at Richard’s on White’s Creek Pike and Old Hickory Blvd., with Susan Shann and band–she rocks! We usually have Jeff Poppen play the dance, but this year we landed on a date he couldn’t make….ah, flexibility, it’s the essence of our practice!

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