Through the “Lens of Endings” – Houses and Relationships and Flaws

20 07 2013

Painful to watch house be torn apart, even though it needs it! Sad to see how the builder of the 1985 addition we are salvaging scrimped on materials as present master carpenter on this project has been  pointing out. (He wanted to tear that part down as well as he saw it as shoddy. To save $1000’s, we  decided to reinforce it and save it. )

I have been reflecting on the wonder, the mystery of so much good living I have done in the past sheltered by a house full of construction mistakes. Part of me is confused.  The confused part believes that nothing good could have happened in surroundings that were so imperfect. (I am noticing that “good”/”bad” is happening where ever one “tunes in” all the time!)  Flaws and imperfection abound, to our way of perceiving. Now I am reminded of the common occurence  among folks struggling in relationship – especially in the “endings” of relationships – doubt that there was “ever really any LOVE” in that relationship. Upon the process of ending  relationships, statements are uttered in thought or out loud resembling ” How could I ever have believed (trusted) _____________ to ____________me. ”

Picture from burned out home of Cindy and Martin. To the right is a room that has been dismantled to the studs, prepping for take down.

Stairs to …… (what do you see?)

I am remembering that I am ending a relationship with my home.

About this photo:

Taken by Cindy MoonRose with digital camera using flash. I took two versions, with and without flash. Without flash, all the wood is dark, creating a very different mood. This one, with the light framing by the door, is captivating to a broader range of viewers, or so I believe.  This shot is standing at the bottom of stairway that lead to Martin’s lair, which got terribly burned up.




One response

22 07 2013

eh, there’s no such thing as ‘perfect’, nor such a thing as ‘imperfect’.. ;-) I like to point out to people in the process of ‘divorce’ that they once thought of the other as ‘perfect’.. & now, consider them evil.. & in reality, neither is or was true.

To construction – there is no ‘one way’.. there are certain ‘accepted methods’ – which change thru years & climates. Some pieces rely on other pieces (the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, eh? ;-)) for their support & now that ‘parts are missing’, something needs to be added! ;-) If everything was the same.. well, while in MS after Katrina, I came across a snippet written on the walls by one of a thousand volunteers to go through the site –

“If everybody (thing) were the same, nobody would notice when a flower blooms”. – linzy

glad you’re getting along.

bobby (laughncrow) – sitting damp in dodson branch! (watching flowers bloom.. ;-))

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