On The Demolition Of Our Poor Burned House (2013)

31 07 2013

The fire occurred April 16 and 17 2013. The tear down of the damaged roof and walls was completed on Friday July 26, 2013. Why did it take so long? There was shock and adjustment, obtaining rebuild permit and temporary power pole, deciding what to attempt to save, a family wedding to prepare for, work to stabilize portions of the structure to remain, the physical cutting apart of the to be demolished part from the to be saved part, getting heavy equipment, a driver, and dumpsters delivered. All of these  steps took time and normal daily life functions like eating, dish washing, bathing, paying bills, dealing with backs going out of whack and heart beats going out of rhythm to deal with and rain. (Oh yes, I nearly forgot the effort and days to sort through belongs, sorting damaged from good and figuring out where to store   stuff, packing and moving into storage in various old farm out buildings on the property.)

Getting the to this point of  burned structure going away in dumpsters was a milestone. At the time of this writing, there still remains floor over the old basement to be demolished as well as the boards on the front porch.

Here are some photos of before and after and some of the work in progress.

burned house before demo SW view          house demo roof SW side

The above two photos are taken from the same side of the house. The one on the left shows a small roof to the right that covered a small outdoor patio concrete slab floor. The space in the foreground of the chimney was a bed room.   A stairwell ended upstairs even with the chimney.  The wall under the roof to the left in the photo was a bathroom exterior wall.  A porch over a concrete slab extended from there. That  back porch roof  was given support independent from the house roof so it could be saved and be a useful area during the reconstruction … and maybe beyond.

The photo on the right was taken after the easy part of the demo was done, removing the walls and and roof away from any part of the house that was being saved, and over a 2 foot crawl space.

burned house early am sunlight distortThis photo is just kind of neat with the light distortions.

burned house from fronthouse demo great room remains no blue tarpThe photos to the left are both from the front of the house. The one on the left shows the small porch roof to the far left, the empty studs in burnt out rooms, the brick chimney and front porch roof.

The photo on the right shows the old “Great Room” that stands above a garage. This was the 1985 addition. The roof deck is barely OK due to lousy construction job performed by contractor in 1985. The big room has now been studded out into 3 spaces, the studs creating an inner skeleton to support and somewhat correct sags resulting from poor construction practice. We hope to raise funds to be able to make a full 2 stories above the basement, with a shed roof elevated to the south, for lots of winter sunlight. South is to the left of this photo.

house demo melted roof over basementAnother pic from the front of the house when most of the   roof is down, front porch roof is off.  Those beautiful yellow stones on the front came from our property and were mortared on by my then husband around 1986.

house demo machine and men at workhouse demo trax biteThe above two photo are of work in progress. There was a lot of family and community aid that day. The equipment was loaned by a friend and the driver went easy on his fee. One fella is working for half wages and the other folks are Martin’s sons who are donating labor.

blue tarped salvaged part house demo b&wThese black & White photos are of the appearance at the end of the work party day held after the big demo day. The dumpsters were too full to put the insulation and sheet rock in from the take down to the studs in the front area of the salvaged portion. The walls to the rear were installed from salvaged siding boards to screen the back porch from the street view.

The top black and white photo shows all the rubble in the crawl space and the flooring remaining over the basement and the decking of the front porch. These are going away too.  The architects are planning a visit after this other work is done to view the “clean slate” and discuss and envision what to aim for and how the foundation should be done.

A friend shot video of the demo, machine and all and me and Martin. We are looking for someone to edit to use in fund-raising campaign through gofundme.com.




2 responses

1 08 2013

Wow! Thanks for the photos.

2 08 2013

the next stage has already happened–the remaining floor of the old house, much of its foundation, and a lot of fire-contaminated soil all “went away” yesterday with the help of my sons and a friend doing the major carpentry, Cindy’s brother on bobcat, and a host of wonderful volunteers helping cleanup and gofer. Will post pix ASAP!

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