8 05 2016

The first thing I want to tell you is that The Green Party of Tennessee will be holding itslugo for senate annual meeting/convention in Knoxville on June 4th. We will meet to select new state party officers, new representatives to the national party, and to consider nominations for offices that will be on the November ballot here in Tennessee and whom to endorse for President. You can find details about this on our  Facebook page.

Here in Nashville, Council member Fabian Bedne’s resolution, which is intended to make it gascompressormuch more difficult for gas pipeline compressor stations to locate in Davidson County, was accepted at Tuesday’s council meeting and will be discussed at the June 7th Council. There are two such stations proposed, one north and one south of town. This gives all of us who are Nashville residents a month to contact our council members and ask them to support Bedne’s resolution. This local situation is our piece of the great struggle going on in this world about whether or not it’s OK to dawdle along and make just a little more money selling fossil fuels before we quit. If it sounds like an addiction, that’s because it is. “Jush one more drink, and then I’ll quit!”

And lastly, so far Nashville has not–recently–been blemished with the police murder of an unarmed African-American, but we’ve had some close brushes with that kind of infamy. A recent Nashville Scene article detailed a near-tragedy at Cayce Homes in East Nashville, and pointed out that only eight years ago, the Scene had satirically announced that the


Big Brother Is Watching You


police department was installing security cameras at Cayce–and lo, it has come to pass.

I had some suggestions that I think are much more constructive. I sent them to my council member, and I’ll share them with you.

The first would be to identify appropriate members of the community, of both genders and a variety of ages, give them training in conflict de-escalation and resolution, and then pay them to walk around their community on a regular basis and interact with people as they see fit, and let them be the ones to call in the police if they think things are getting out of hand.

Another couple of things that might create more stability and community there would be to allow residents to buy, rather than rent, their homes, and to turn as much of the management as possible over to a residents’ council. Both these moves would empower residents and increase their sense of ownership and responsibility.

Beyond that, we have to find ways to make up for all the blue-collar jobs that have been shipped to China and elsewhere, as I think the loss of stable, decent-paying employment opportunities has had a very destructive impact on working-class people in general.

That’s what I suggested. If it makes sense to you, tell your council member and pass it around. The federal and state governments may be lost causes, but here at the local level, we average citizens still have some leverage. Let’s use it.
music: Jackson Browne, “Lawless Avenues



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