11 10 2019


My first story this month is one that has vanished from corporate media. I want to not only examine it, but also examine why it got flushed down the memory hole.

As typically happens, the crew at Fourchan got something half right. They thought the Democrats were running a child porn/prostitution ring out of a pizza parlor in Washington, D.C. Sorry, guys, the Dems have more class than that. The Democrats (and their friends in the so-called intelligence community, and their, um,  “strange bedfellows” in the GOP), ran a teenage sex ring (and much, much more) out of a high-class penthouse in New York City, a ranch in New Mexico, and on an island in the Caribbean, with a special airliner, “The Lolita Express,” to ferry their victims, and their victims’ victimizers, from place to place. When Jeffrey Epstein, the man at the center of this operation, was arrested this summer, it seemed as if a great many of the wealthy, sociopathic men–and women–who call the shots in our culture were about to be caught with their pants down–literally.

What we found out was that Epstein not only provided underage girls to his wealthy clients, he made videos of what ensued. His clients were rumored to include a British Prince, current and former Presidents of Israel and the United States, and a great many other public figures. As Kevin Gostzola wrote in Mint Press:

At one time or another, Epstein’s social circle intersected with former President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Trump.

Documents unsealed on Friday contained allegations from one of Epstein’s most well-known accusers, Virginia Giuffre. They implicated “former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, former U.S. Senator George Mitchell, Hyatt hotels magnate Tom Pritzker, hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin, the late Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist Marvin Minsky, modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel, (lawyer and legal scholar Alan) Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, another unnamed prince, plus ‘a well-known Prime Minister.’”

Just why was Epstein recording all this? Merely for his own titillation? Or for blackmail? Was it merely personal blackmail? Some have alleged that Epstein’s “investment company” received “investments” from his sexual clients, and this genteel arrangement allowed Epstein to earn a living from “managing” their money, and maybe even paid some returns to those he was blackmailing. Others, such as investigative journalist Whitney Webb, point to Epstein’s long, deep connections with the CIA, stretching back to the eighties and the heyday of Iran-Contra and Southern Air Transport (a CIA front), not to mention “The Bank of Commerce and Credit International” (another CIA front), as well as links between Epstein and Mossad, not to mention Alex Acosta’s since-retracted claim that he went light on Epstein in 2008 because of his “intelligence connections.” These links  raise the possibility that Epstein’s surveillance/blackmail operation was intended to make sure that certain politicians went along with certain policies. The Epstein trial promised to be one hell of a circus.

Then Jeffrey Epstein is alleged to have committed suicide in jail. It’s a very peculiar case. He had talked to his lawyer on the  Friday before he died, and from that conversation Epstein had gained the impression that his request for bail would soon be granted and he would be out of jail in a few days. He told his lawyer, “I’ll see you Sunday.”  Then, on Saturday, the surveillance cameras that were supposed to be keeping track of him mysteriously failed, the guards assigned to him took a siesta on the clock, and when they woke up, Jeffrey Epstein was dead from strangulation. CBS news reported that “a source familiar with the situation” told them that there was “shouting and shrieking” from his jail cell, although apparently it wasn’t loud enough to awaken the guards.  Who heard it, CBS?

The coroner ruled that Epstein had committed suicide, but it’s not just Epstein’s upbeat mood on on the previous day that makes this claim suspect. The coroner also reported that several bones in Epstein’s neck were broken, which is more typical of a situation in which somebody is actively strangled by another person or hung from a height–a gallows, or tree limb. It’s not something you would expect to find in a jailhouse suicide by hanging. There are no heights to hang from in a prison cell. A person who wants to hang hirself can only tie a noose around hir neck and lean into it in hopes of suffocating before being discovered. That’s highly unlikely to break any bones.

There has been some attention paid to the young girls Epstein victimized, especially since part of the plea agreement he reached with Alex Acosta in 2008 turned out to involve a non-prosecution deal, and so these women cannot legally seek damage payments…as if money could make up for a stolen childhood. Nothing can recompense them for what they were robbed of, but when money talks in the form of payment to victims, it does say, however ineffectually, “I’m sorry.” The men to whom Epstein pimped these girls, so far, remain out of reach. How interesting that, often, when a guy with weird sexual preferences is in some way a threat to, or a critic of, the status quo, he gets banished. I’m thinking here of Louis C.K., but also of two former Attorneys General of New York State, Eliot Spitzer and Eric Schneiderman, both of whom had a lust for justice as slightly kinky sexual tastes, and whose crusading efforts threatened our power elite due to their willingness to tackle high-stakes financial fraud. Spitzer, in particular, was known as “The Sheriff of Wall Street.” No doubt it was not just the GOP and the Wall Street nabobs, but many in the upper ranks of the Democratic Party who breathed a sigh of relief when Spitzer, and then Schneiderman, were taken down.

Meanwhile, both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton have shown up in the Epstein case. In 2002, Trump was quoted in New York Magazine, saying

“I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” ….“He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

Around the same time, Bill Clinton said of Epstein

“Jeffrey is both a highly successful financier and a committed philanthropist with a keen sense of global markets and an in-depth knowledge of twenty-first-century science. I especially appreciated his insights and generosity during the recent trip to Africa to work on democratization, empowering the poor, citizen service and combating H.I.V./AIDS.”

More than one wag has noted that, when somebody well regarded by the ruling class rips off millions of people, and then gives a little of their ill-gotten gains to those in dire need, they are called “a philanthropist” instead of “a crook.” But, back to Bill Clinton. Clinton has admitted flying on “The Lolita Express” four times, but, in the airplane’s flight logs, his name appears over twenty times. On some of those occasions, according to those flight logs, his supposedly mandatory Secret Service bodyguard squad did not accompany him, but women listed only by their first name did–and none of them were named “Hillary.”

bill clinton

….and what are we to make of this painting, found on a wall in Epstein’s NYC home?

So, where is the #MeToo Movement on this? This field seems ripe for harvest. Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are just the tip of the iceberg. Shouldn’t #MeToo be hard at work, ferreting out all the wealthy, sociopathic creeps who used, and probably continue to use, teenage girls as if they were sex toys? Perhaps the problem is that #MeToo has become a tool of the Democratic Party, a malleus maleficarum to be used only against Republicans and dissident Democrats, and there is widespread and justified concern that launching into outing Jeffrey Epstein’s clients would decimate not merely the Republican, but also the Democratic, wing of the power elite to the point that most people’s faith in our government would be totally shattered. We can’t have that, now, can we?


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