10 11 2019


Hillary Clinton made big news this month when she accused Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and former Green Party Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein of being. “Russian assets.” Let’s unpack that statement.

“Assets” has a specific meaning in “intelligence” circles. An asset is a person who is knowingly taking payment from an intelligence service in exchange for providing information or doing other services for that agency.

Rep. Gabbard is a Major in the US Army Reserve. If she is taking money from the Russians, Ms. Clinton is charging her with treason. Considering the wide publicity her accusation received, and considering the high improbability that there is any truth to it, the smear is potentially libelous. Libel, according to a legal dictionary I consulted, is

to publish in print (including pictures), writing or broadcast through radio, television or film, an untruth about another which will do harm to that person or his/her reputation, by tending to bring the target into ridicule, hatred, scorn or contempt of others. Libel is the written or broadcast form of defamation, distinguished from slander which is oral defamation. It is a tort (civil wrong) making the person or entity (like a newspaper, magazine or political organization) open to a lawsuit for damages by the person who can prove the statement about him/her was a lie.

While the accusation apparently gave Rep. Gabbard’s poll numbers a bounce, Ms. Clinton’s words certainly seem to fit the definition here. Well, she could argue that, since she said just it and somebody else broadcasted it, it was “only” slander.

Dr. Jill Stein doesn’t have to worry about poll numbers, since she’s not even running for The Green Party nomination this year, but a couple of years ago she and The Green Party had to submit extensive records to a Congressional investigating committee to prove that there was no Green Party-Russia connection, and the committee was apparently quite satisfied with what they found, since they told her they’d get back to her if they had any further questions, and they never did. Dr. Stein has returned to being a pediatrician, but says she is looking into suing Ms. Clinton for libel over this. It’s especially amusing since, by saying

“She’ s (Gabbard)  the favorite of the Russians. They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far and that’s assuming Jill Stein will give it up because she’s also a Russian asset.”

With this statement, Ms. Clinton showed that she was ignorant of Dr. Stein’s retirement from Presidential politics. Perhaps she simply can’t conceive of the possibility that somebody would voluntarily relinquish the reins of power, even so small a power as leadership of The Green Party.


OK, Democrats–how do YOU explain THIS?

Not knowing that Stein isn’t in the running this year is also an ironic repeat one of the errors in the original Director of National Intelligence report alleging Russian interference in the 2016 election, which blamed, among other factors,  Abby Martin’s “Breaking the Set” show on RT, which had been off the air since 2014, for promoting “radical discontent” with the 2016 election. One of the main thrusts of the DNI report seems to be that anybody who disagrees with the corporate consensus is probably doing so at the behest of, or at least subconsciously in the service of, Russia.

Let’s get back to Ms. Clinton’s preposterous claims, by recalling some of her exploits over the last twenty years or so. and “exploit” is.indeed, the operational word here.

She voted for the Iraq war, which was started on fabricated evidence that a lot of people with expertise were questioning at the time. This destroyed Iraq, which had been one of the most stable and prosperous countries in the Middle East. The first Iraq war, another American war crime, and her husband’s government’s sanctions after the war, began a process that the Cheney administration, with ms. Clinton’s approval, finished, precipitating the chaotic, dangerous situation that has been boiling there ever since. The Iraq war was a war of aggression by the US, which is a war crime, and thus Mr. Clinton is a war criminal for supporting it. Her support for this war indicates poor judgement on her part.

She supports Israel and the movement to make it illegal to conduct a boycott/divestment/sanctions movement against Israel for the purpose of freeing the Palestinian people from the concentration camps Israel has effectively confined them in and the collective punishment Israel visits on them. This, too, is a war crime in which she is complicit, and, again, demonstrates poor judgement on her part.

She pushed for the invasion of Libya, apparently in part because she thought it would boost her appeal as a US Presidential contender. As with the US invasion of Iraq, this was a war of aggression that destroyed a stable, prosperous society and plunged another entire region into chaos. While Qaddafi ruled Libya, he wouldn’t let immigrants from other countries in Africa use Libya as a corridor for reaching Europe. Since his fall, Libya has become one of the main conduits for Africans seeking to enter Europe. Qaddafi was also using Libya’s oil wealth to improve conditions in Africa so people wouldn’t feel the need to become refugees. The flood of immigrants into Europe since Ms. Clinton’s fateful decision has destabilized many European countries, pushing the rise of right-wing, anti-immigrant governments. Again, she’s committed the war crime of unprovoked  aggression against an independent country. Again, we see very poor judgement on her part.

Closer to home, she supported the overthrow of the legally, and apparently honestly elected (for a change) government of Honduras, replacing it with a rapacious narco-oligarchy. Honduran peasant rights activist Berta Caceres famously said, “If I am murdered, my blood will be on Hillary Clinton’s hands.” Sure enough, she was murdered. The Clinton-approved oligarchy/kleptocracy that replaced Pres. Zelaya made conditions in Honduras so much worse that….gee, it sparked a wave of refugees, many of whom fled to the US at a time when the working-class economy of this country was poor,  thus adding fuel to a wave of resentment in the American working class that helped elect Donald Trump. And, here it comes…..I think this indicates very poor judgement on her part.

She thought Donald Trump would be the easiest Republican to beat, and got her supporters in corporate media to give the guy lots of free publicity–the most egregious example being the night during the primaries when Bernie won several upset victories and was addressing the largest crowd that anyone in the primary contests had drawn, but the networks didn’t cover Bernie. They spent several hours broadcasting the empty podium where Trump was going to appear after his primary victories that night.

Anyway, nobody in the DNC seemed to understand the depth and power of the wave of resentment that Trump was riding, or how  hatred for the Clintons’ due to their role in destroying the US middle class had been building since Bill approved NAFTA in the beginning of his term, and Hillary and her buddies in the DNC didn’t want to hear about it from any of the many people who were trying to warn them, and all of them were very surprised when Clinton lost and Trump won, including Trump, who was treating the whole thing as a publicity stunt that would “build his brand,” and apparently had no expectation that he would win the election. Yep, I think this demonstrates very poor judgement on Ms. Clinton’s part.

Instead of acknowledging that so many formerly middle-class Americans were flocking to Trump because of the policies Bill had initiated, that Bush and Obama had continued, and that she was proposing to keep on implementing, she dismissed her opposition as a racist, sexist “basket of deplorables.” Hey, that’ll win ya lots of votes in flyover country. Again, very poor judgement on her part.

As US Secretary of State, she supported widespread fracking for gas and oil around the world. This is an ecologically destructive process that, in most cases, fails to cover its own costs while permanently damaging the soil, the water table, and the atmosphere. Yep, extremely poor judgement on her part.

She has publicly acknowledged that Henry “the butcher” Kissinger is her mentor, and said that she and Bill love spending time with the war criminal and his wife at their vacation home in the Dominican Republic. When Bernie Sanders questioned her about this in a 2016 Democratic Primary debate, she downplayed the relationship, although she has been quite proud of it under more favorable circumstances. Donald Trump isnot the only public figure who will change his story according to circumstances.

And finally….it may be none of my business, but…she is the enabler of the second most notorious sexual predator to inhabit the White House, yet claims to be a feminist.What kind of “feminist” puts up with a husband who flies in Jeffrey Epstein’s private airplane without her? Why hasn’t she DTMFA? And here it comes, for the last time tonight, “I think this demonstrates very poor judgement on her part.”

So, that’s some salient, widely known facts about her record. Please note that she is proud of many  of the achievements I have cited as evidence of poor judgement. Please note also that I have not included any of the more controversial assertions that have been made about Ms. Clinton. True, she has said that voting for the Iraq war was a big mistake, but she made it. Murderers are not forgiven because they admit after their victim is dead that “it was a mistake,” and mass murderers shouldn’t be, either. She also edited out the passages in her autobiography that referenced her role in the Honduras coup.

Screenshot-2017-11-10 AB133_web pdf

So, that’s nine strikes, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to retire her side, and the self-declared “umpires” of truth in America, our country’s corporate media, are backing Hillary’s llibels against Rep. Gabbard and Dr. Stein. They can give her all the strikes they want, but it is only likely to further diminish public trust in corporate media. As Alan MacLeod of Fairness and Accuracy In Media has pointed out,

Trust in media has been falling since the 1970s, and particularly in the last few years to the point where less than one-third trust the news media, even most of the time and nearly three-quarters of Americans agree that traditional media consistently report false or purposefully misleading stories. ….

Our country’s corporate-dominated media are covering for Hillary Clinton’s multiple sins, and their own, because that’s what they need to do to stay on the take. Over the last fifty years, this country has seen a huge shift in wealth–billions have shifted from the pockets of the poor and middle class to the bank accounts of the wealthy, with a consequent decrease in quality of life for the vast majority of our citizens, and all these capers, where Ms. Clinton’s judgement was so obviously wrong for the great mass of people were occasions that were right for the purpose of sucking more money into the hands of those who already have too much.

Clearly, America needs saner political options, like The Green Party, but, just as clearly, our media and political system are rigged to keep the corporate-friendly Demopubiclican monopoly going. The pressure for change just keeps building. If that pressure is not released into constructive channels via a more open political system, you can just about bet that it will result in an explosion the like of which this country hasn’t seen since The Civil War. Which will it be?

music: The Rolling Stones, “Cool, Calm, Collected



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