11 08 2019

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I have a confession to make. While I’ve been a very faithful Green Party supporter for nearly twenty years, if by some fluke Bernie Sanders became the Democratic nominee, I would almost certainly vote for him, just in an effort to widen the scope of permissible political discourse in this country. But it looks like it’s not going to be Bernie, but Joe Biden. Sorry, Joe, the answer’s no.

“What? Not even to get Trump out of office? How could you?”

Why won’t I, under any circumstances, support Joe Biden as a Presidential candidate?  Because he has championed numerous laws and policies that have had a direct negative effect on me, my family, and my friends. Let me count the ways:

Biden supported the drug war and mandatory minimum sentencing that entrapped, imprisoned, and impoverished several of my best friends–not to mention my oldest son–for victimless crimes involving substances that are now recognized as harmless, valuable sources of healing, and are, in many cases, completely legal. And then there’s the crack-cocaine sentencing disparity, also his baby. I’m grateful nobody in my family has gotten mixed up with cocaine, and I don’t know that I know anybody who was directly affected by this law, which amounted to legislated discrimination against lower-class African-Americans, but just because I don’t know any of Joe’s victims for this one doesn’t mean I’m giving him a pass on it.

Biden was one of the leaders of the drive to switch from grants to loans for students, admitting that he was doing this to enrich the banking industry, ensnaring a huge number of young people in this country (including another of my children and my son-in-law)) in debt peonage that hobbles every aspect of their lives, from their ability to buy homes and start families to their ability to embark on projects that are exciting and creative, but not necessarily remunerative, like working for social change. Joe Biden made sure that student debt, unlike any other debt, cannot be erased by bankruptcy. That, and the high level of debt a young person must take on to get a college degree, are what I mean by debt peonage.  Yeah, I think that the unspoken motive behind what Joe did was the establishment’s desire to choke off the counterculture. In fact, he even spoke it.  Here are Biden’s exact words:

“We’ve got to make education a profit center for the banks. Our purpose is not to educate the population, it’s to create a situation where in order to get a job, in order to get a union card, they have to go into a lifetime of debt to the banks that cannot be wiped out by bankruptcy.”

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19 06 2011

We all know more than we wanted to about Anthony Weiner, who is no longer a member of the House of Representatives.   What most of us don’t know is who took him down, and what he was about to do when when the Republican spin machine steamrolled him.

Weiner was hot on the trail of fascist Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who, sometimes through the medium of his wife, has apparently been taking a lot of money from people who are involved in cases before the Court.  in other words, big-time conflicts of interest that ought to get him kicked off the court, destroying the court’s right-wing extremist majority.

Oh, and let’s not forget what Republicans forgave Thomas for in order to get him on the Court–can you say, “Anita Hill did too know what she was talking about,” boys and girls?

So Weiner was about to bust Thomas when Andrew Breitbart unrolled the “twitter scandal.”  Breitbart, I hope you recall, is the guy who carefully edited videos of ACORN, Planned Parenthood, Shirley Sherrod, an NPR executive, and several other people to make it look like they were saying things that they were not.  Somehow, the media still take this guy seriously.  I don’t.

It’s worth remembering that, when Eliot Spitzer was taken down in a similar scandal, he was about to bust Wall Street wide open for the behavior that led to the 2008 financial crash.  If he had not fallen victim to that scandal, the country might be in far better shape today than it is, and some prominent Wall Street execs would be some jailbird’s bitch instead of White House advisors.

In a way, I think it’s a shame that these guys’ short legs tripped up their careers.  In another way, I think this country is far too Puritanical–especially since, as Rachel Maddow has observed, it seems to be a lot easier for Republicans to get away with shenanigans than is for Democrats.  I only hope that, in a few years, we will not discover that if only the investigation Weiner was pushing had gone forward, we would be in some massive judicial train wreck similar to the financial meltdown.

Well, enough about sex addiction.  Let’s talk about something far worse and more widespread–our addiction to the American way of life.

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