18 03 2008

Back in the early eighties when we first started becoming aware of the fact that humans were about to screw the planet up past fixing, my friend Darryl said that he thought we would probably drive some species critical to our survival to extinction and then notice that it was now too late….it looks like we’re entering that zone of possibilities….from the New York Times:

Chinook Salmon Vanish Without a Trace

Tim Calvert, a fisherman, in San Francisco. The scarcity of Chinook salmon may keep the Pacific fishery closed for the season.

SACRAMENTO — Where did they go?

The Chinook salmon that swim upstream to spawn in the fall, the most robust run in the Sacramento River, have disappeared. The almost complete collapse of the richest and most dependable source of Chinook salmon south of Alaska left gloomy fisheries experts struggling for reliable explanations — and coming up dry.

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