9 02 2013

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Richard and Mimi Farina, “Sell-out Agitation Waltz

Bob Dylan, “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

Robbie Basho, “Dravidian Sunday

The Beatles, “Within You/Without You”

Pity Tennessee’s “progressive Democrats.”  They just can’t get no respect, nor satisfaction either.  The old guard, the “blue dogs,” just won’t stand for it.  The progressives reached their high water mark with the election of Chip Forrester as TNDP chairman in 2009, but Forrester’s tenure was undermined by two factors:  the old guard conservative Dems withheld funding, and the Democrat-dominated State Legislature had ignored activists’ concerns and agreed to go along with the Republicans’ request to defer implementation of the Tennessee Voter Confidence Act until after the 2008 election.  2008 was supposed to be the last year Tennesseans voted on easily hackable electronic voting machines; but, mirabile dictu, the Republicans scored upset victory after upset victory, and the first thing the newly Republican state legislature did was repeal the Tennessee Voter Confidence Act, which had passed nearly unanimously.  Yeah, they were for it before they were against it.  While the cover story that has been floated to explain this is that Barack Obama’s candidacy cast a pall over the electability of Democrats in this state, the circumstances are highly suspicious.  As Joe Stalin is said to have said, “It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes that counts.”  But that’s not what I’m here to talk about tonight.

In spite of a concerted effort by the state’s urban Democrats, the good-old-boy network prevailed, and the urbanists’ candidate, Dave Garrison, who was thought to be a shoe-in, was defeated by Roy Herron, an anti-abortion, anti-union, A+ NRA-rated member of the “West Tennessee Mafia.”  Tennessee’s liberals and progressives have been relegated to the back of the bus again.  The blue dogs may not be electable, but they still know how to hog the manger.

I would like to offer the state’s progressive Democrats a creative solution to their dilemma: Let the blue dogs have their party.  Go Green.  Read the rest of this entry »


26 07 2008

I hear there is a rumor going around that Michelle Obama is very, very upset over the discovery of a series of “hot” email and text message exchanges between her husband and Condoleeza Rice, indicating that Obama not only intends to install her in his cabinet after the election, but in his West Wing bedroom as well.  Precise details are unavailable, except that bondage fantasies, something Ms. Obama would understandably be resistant to, are involved.  Of course, nobody will admit to anything about this on the record, but the extremely salacious nature of the story makes it hard for even Washington insiders to keep completely quiet.

In a way, this is no surprise.  It would certainly complete Obama’s swing to the right, something many men undergo in their forties, changing spouses as well as political direction.  Wasn’t it Winston Churchill who said, “Any man who’s not a radical at 20 has no heart; any man who’s not a conservative at 50 has no brain”?

Well, we can argue about what “conservative” really means.  Certainly the Bush junta, which has wrapped itself in a “conservative” mantle, has taken the US in a number of very radical directions that, considered outside the realm of political labels, have nothing to do with conserving anything except the wealth of the already criminally wealthy. As for me, I have no problem identifying myself as a conservative in the most profound way.  We have no other planet to live on and nobody else to live with, and I am intent on conserving the planet and finding a way for us all to get along in order to do so.

Back to what’s really important:  Obama and Condi an item?  Will truth be stranger than fiction?  Is it possible that, while he doesn’t want to prosecute her for her war crimes, he wouldn’t mind locking her up and whipping her for them?

Stay tuned!

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