9 02 2008

Our Truth In Strange Places Award goes this month to the new US Attorney for Northern California, Joseph Russoniello, who said, in regard to cracking down on medical marijuana,

“We could spend a lifetime closing dispensaries and doing other kinds of drugs, enforcement actions, bringing cases and prosecuting people, shoveling sand against the tide. It would be terribly unproductive and probably not an efficient use of precious federal resources,”

Russoniello, who nevertheless is skeptical about marijuana’s medical efficacy, said he would focus more on gun crimes, gang crimes, hard drugs, and child pornography.

During his previous tenure as US Attorney for Northern California, under Ronald Reagan, he was responsible for Califronia’s notorious paramilitary Campaign Against Marijuana Planting, though, so non-medical marijuana growers better watch their asses. If you’re a CIA coke smuggler, though, you’ll have an easy time of it from this guy. He stonewalled John Kerry’s Iran-Contra cocaine investigation and declined to prosecute several people who were caught red-handed smuggling coke but had those CIA “get out of jail free” cards. Ah, right-wing morality….

Bush’s domestic budget cuts have had one beneficial side effect: his (or rather, Cheney’s) latest budget proposes cutting way back on funding for state anti-drug taskforces, the police-as-thieves groups that help fund themselves by confiscating the property of alleged drug users, and have brought us such spectacular legal debacles as Tulia, Texas, where the government’s claim to have arrested 46 major cocaine dealers (almost all black) in a town of only 4700 people dissolved in a whirl of unsubstantiated allegations and “cocaine” that turned out to be sheet rock dust.

Meanwhile, a concerned committee of Senators– including Democrats Tom Harkin, Diane Feinstein, and Joe Biden–are scrambling to keep the domestic terrorism happening. These are the people we think will save us from the Bush junta?

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18 01 2008

in DID DIEBOLD ENDORSE HILLARY? I referred to Bill Clinton’s derailing of investigations into various crimes and misdemeanors of the Reagan and Papa Bush years. I also mentioned Hillary’s statement that if elected she would send Bill and Papa Bush on a goodwill tou,r, which was taken by many as a signal that she would not be prosecuting the Cheney-Bush junta for their many crimes. Here are a couple of stories that lay out more evidence for illegal complicity between the two families. I am not absolutely certain of their reliability–to me, both have a little of that “right-wing nutjob” flavor, but I think they’re worth considering.

a sample quote from the first:

This area of the website has been assembled in response to the persistent claims of a few individuals (well, just one, really) that Mena is a myth, that the CIA never ran cocaine through the Mena airport, or laundered the proceeds through various Arkansas financial institutions including Morgan Guarantee, Madison S&L, Worthen Bank, and most importantly, the Arkansas Development Finance Authority. That such activities took place at Mena (among other locations) should hardly be surprising, as a read through most newspapers shows that government connections to drug running are not only commonplace, they have become the inevitable symptom of these totally corrupted times.

and from the second:

 “The fact that the Bushes and the Clintons are on the same team – and have been since their alleged Iran-Contra partnership in an airport operation in Mena, Arkansas involving the transshipment of cocaine destined for the streets of America – is not something that most Americans have yet incorporated into our political equation.”


13 01 2008

This just in from New Hampshire: Dennis Kucinich and Albert Howard, a minor Republican candidate, have asked for a recount of the machine-tabulated ballots due to statistical irregularities in the way the vote broke down. Here’s the deal:

Just as in Ohio in 2004, where exit polls indicated a Kerry victory but the votes came in to give the state to Bush, Obama led in the exit polls but lost in the vote–but only in precincts that were machine counted. These were primarily more urban precincts where Obama should have done well. He won in most of the precincts that were hand-counted, which were more rural, conservative areas where Ms. Clinton would be expected to do better.

The machines that did this automatic counting were made by Diebold, the same company that provided the voting machines that Ohio’s new, Democratic secretary of state, Jennifer Brunner, says were rigged to throw votes to Bush.

If this really was a fix, the question is, whodunnit and why? Some people say that the powers behind the throne want Hillary, not Barak, to be our next President because she’s more with their program than he is. After all, it was her husband Bill who failed to pursue criminal investigations of the Reagan and Papa Bush administrations that set up the Cheney-Bush Junta. If the Iran-Contra and other inquiries had been pursued, many key players in our current ruling elite would now be in prison instead of power, and Hillary seems to be signalling that, as President, she would do the same. And hey, if Bill, on his way out the door, would pardon Marc Rich but not Leonard Pelletier, you know their hearts are not in the right place.

Others say that the Republicans think HIllary would be easier to beat than Obama, and that’s why Diebold, a major Republican campaign contributor, would throw the election to Ms. Clinton.

Why didn’t Obama complain? Maybe he didn’t want to look like a sore loser, since the media are trying to play Ms. Clinton as being picked on by the guys in the race. Hey, they’re not picking on her because she’s a woman. They’re picking on her ’cause she’s wrong!

If you’re more paranoid, maybe Obama is in on the fix. A Clinton-Obama ticket would lend her some much-needed charisma and set him up to run when she retires. And maybe everything was fine, but it starts the election season with questions about the integrity of the process, and that’s something we need to be vigilant about right through to the end. More on this as it develops.

music: Jackson Browne, “Lives in the Balance”

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