23 02 2013

It’s hard to believe that the trilogy of “Matrix” movies came out over ten years ago.  I still think of them often and fondly, and just recently understood something new about them, which I would like to share with you.

This involves what Ray Kurzweil has termed “The Singularity,” the point at which computers become more intelligent than humans and, because of their superior intelligence, start running the world on their own terms, without  regard for our wishes.  Although I don’t believe “the Singularity” is ever expressly mentioned in The Matrix movies, it is obviously a “post-Singularity” scenario.  As you may recall, in their attempt to prevent the computers from taking over, humans geoengineered the planet into being perpetually cloud-covered, in an attempt to cut the computers off from solar power.  The computers triumphed anyway, and use the electricity generated by living human bodies as their energy source, keeping almost all the humans in a kind of suspended animation dream-state.  Everybody thinks they are interacting with each other in a “real world,” but they are actually participating in a well-constructed virtual reality.

Someplace along the way, somebody created an animated “prequel” to The Matrix, showing how the computers hunted us humans down, subdued us, and thrust us into pods so we could provide them with energy, not unlike what wasps do to spiders.  But I think it might not take a war.  I think a lot of people would actually volunteer to be empodded. Read the rest of this entry »

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