6 08 2008

This month’s “Truth in Strange Places” award goes to….the Organic Consumers’ Association.

“What!?” you may ask.  “The TISP award usually goes to somebody from the dark side who spills the beans in spite of themselves.  What could a gang of goody-two-shoes like the OCA come up with to put themselves in such company?”

Well, it wasn’t their revelation that supposedly “organic” Chinese ginger is tainted with Aldicarb, a dangerous insecticide.  Hey, I always said “organic food from China” was an oxymoron, not to mention a whopping carbon footprint.

No, it was nothing food-related at all, although I suppose they fit the story in by deciding it was health-related.  I mean, Anthrax is a health issue, right?  It’s a disease, but it’s also a burning political issue, because, as OCA’s story pointed out, it’s looking more and more like the “Anthrax scare” that accompanied the Twin Towers bombing was created by the US government…not to mention the bombing itself. This from the Organic Consumers’ Association, of all people!  Here’s the words that won the award:

the majority of Americans do not believe the “official story” of what happened on 9/11, nor the official story from Bush & Cheney (echoed by McCain in 2001) behind the mysterious anthrax attacks which caused panic among the American public and pushed Congress to pass the fascist Patriot Act a few weeks after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Isn’t it interesting that two high-ranking Democratic Senators (Daschle & Leahy) who were criticizing the Patriot Act in Congress at the time had deadly anthrax letters mailed to their offices?

OK, so now we know Al Queda or Saddam didn’t send the anthrax, that it was a genetically engineered “weaponized” strain from the US military’s Fort Detrick, MD facility. Who then are the real terrorists who obtained this heavily-guarded anthrax, weaponized it, and then mailed it to two liberal US Senators and Tom Brokaw’s office at NBC? First, the FBI said Army scientist Steven Hatfill did it, now they say, no, Army scientist Bruce Ivins did it, but Ivins then inconveniently (or conveniently) committed suicide. However another scientist who worked with Ivins at Fort Detrick said in today’s New York Times that Ivins couldn’t have weaponized the anthrax strain himself, transforming it into tiny nano-like particles that could be inhaled. Bruce Ivins was an expert on anthrax vaccines, not weaponizing anthrax, a highly specialized and complicated undertaking. As Keith Olbermann’s MSNBC piece on national TV suggested yesterday, this all looks like an “inside job.”

This all brings up other, even more troubling questions. If the Administration lied about the anthrax attacks, and the CIA & FBI helped cover this up, and are continuing to do so, then why should we believe their other rather preposterous stories about 9/11 (no prior warnings to Bush and Cheney, FAA didn’t properly notify the Air Force, no standard Air Force interceptions of hijacked planes, no anti-aircraft batteries guarding the Pentagon, physics-defying molten steel pouring out the side of one of the Twin Towers–aircraft fuel and building materials do not produce a hot enough fire to produce molten steel, molten steel filmed on national TV in sub-basement areas, and magical free falls and near-disintegration of three skyscrapers, one of which, WTC7, was not even hit by a plane)? How does this relate to Bush/Cheney/Congress lies about non-existent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, about Iraq links to our former Carter/Reagan/Bush operative in Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden? If these are all lies, then why did we attack Iraq and kill hundreds of thousands of people? Why did we pass the Patriot Act? Why are we occupying and making war on Afghanistan and allying ourselves with psychopathic warlords who are just as evil as the Taliban? Unfortunately the corporate mass media are not going to answer these questions. Nor will Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. Nor will MoveOn and the other middle of the road liberal and progressive groups who are afraid to look at the evidence and admit the scary truth: Bush and Cheney have created a near-fascist state. The Democrats are too scared or too compromised, or both, to stand up to Bush and Cheney and the rogue Shadow Government that has hijacked our democracy for the last 45 years. But here I’ll say it: America’s wave of terror in September 2001, including the anthrax attacks, was an Inside Job.

For real information, censored by the mass media, and unfortunately ignored by many progressive publications, you can look at well-documented books like The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffin, or websites like and

And of course, now we have the official word from the FBI that Ivins was the sole person responsible for the anthrax attacks, and he has conveniently committed suicide, so I guess we’ll have to take their word for it, huh?

A lone actor.  Just like Sirhan Sirhan.  Just like Pakistani scientist A.Q. Khan, who managed to slip nuclear secrets out of his heavily-guarded closely-scrutinized lab without the knowledge of his higher-ups.  Yeah, right.  A lone actor, now dead, like Timothy McVeigh, like James Earl Ray, like Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald, like five of the  airmen who were involved in the mysterious, highly unlikely “accidental” transfer of five (or was it six?) armed nuclear weapons from Minot, North Dakota to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, the primary Middle East staging ground.

But the point here is not these incidents themselves.  The point is that the belief that the government is not telling the truth has gone viral.  It is not the property of a few fringe crazies like me.  It is showing up in places you wouldn’t expect, like the Organic Consumers’ Association newsletter, and I think that’s very good news.  Distrust of the government has a life of its own and cannot be censored or brushed aside any more.  Sooner or later, its demands and questions will have to be met.  Sooner.  Not later.

music: James McMurtry, “Cheney’s Toy

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