9 02 2006

The United States of America took a giant step towards becoming a totalitarian fascist state this month with the confirmation of Samuel J. “Muss”Alito as a Supreme Court Justice, and now there is an argument over whether another step in that direction—the Bush junta’s domestic surveillance program– should be allowed to stand or whether that might just be too much.

Bush, Cheney, and Gonzalez are taking the rather Orwellian stance that their clear violation of the FISA law is not a violation of the law, because the President can do anything he wants during wartime, and we’re at war—except that we are not, by the way, legally “at war.” The resolution that the Senate Democrats so spinelessly approved gave Mr. Bush permission to use all necessary force to go after Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, but that is not the same as a formal declaration of war any more than a separation agreement is a finalized divorce. The Bushoids are stretching the truth here, and mostly getting away with it. No wonder they think they can act outside the law.

The administration is insisting that it’s only interested in people directly linked to Al Qaeda, but my sense is that this is just like all the pressure to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge–it’s intended to set a precedent which can then be followed with more outrageous demands.

And what’s the state of the Onion? It’s enough to make you cry! Mr. Bush finished his speech with “God Bless America.” I say, “God help America!” This country is cruisin’ for a bruisin’. We had as much right to invade Iraq as the Nazis had to invade Poland, and now all the chickenbleep neocons are working it up for a nice, clean air war against Iran. Whomp that tar baby one more time, Mr. Rumsfeld.

Not only are the cowards in the government outraged about being called to account for their illegal surveillance program, they’re all upset that it was revealed. They say it’s a serious blow to our intelligence effort, and that heads will roll when they find out who leaked it.

Our intelligence services’ intelligence quotient must be pretty low if they think that people in the U.S. (or anywhere else) who are talking to Al Qaeda DON”T assume that their phones are tapped. I mean, what are they expecting to hear? “Hassan, it’s me, Mahdi. Our sleeper cell will be meeting tonight at 8PM at the Public Library. Look, we need to talk to Osama about this bomb we’re building for him. Is he there? Could you put him on the phone? Hey, Osama, baby, how’s it goin’? You’re staying in Brindaban-alQat, eh? Like it there? That little hotel by the wadi, that’s where you’re staying? Yeah, that’s my uncle runs it, tell him his nephew Mahdi sez “hello” and I’ll be thinking of him and all the folks back home when we blow up that refinery at 15th and J streets in Houston next week.”

C’mon, guys, get real, they were on to your surveillance long before the New York Times broke the story. You want to prosecute someone for really screwing up our national security? Then give up the guys who outed Valerie Plame and quit playing hide-and-seek with Fitzgerald. Valerie Plame really was on the front line in the effort to keep dangerous weapons away from dangerous people, and you guys blew her cover and destroyed the network she had created, destroyed a working intelligence effort that was keeping harm from being done, and for what? Because her husband told the truth about your lies. How do you sleep? George? Dick? Don? Condoleeza? How do you sleep?

I don’t know how Senate Democrats can sleep, either, except for 24 of them. Twenty spineless cowards who claim to be Democrats joined with the Republican majority to shut down debate on MussAlito’s nomination. Forget about abortion, forget about his apparent willingness to say what people want to hear in order to get a job. This guy is behind the “Unitary Executive” theory of U.S. government 100%., and the Unitary Executive theory basically throws our whole system of checks and balances out the window and concentrates power in the hands of the President. The Bush junta has succeeded in stacking the Supreme Court. We’re stuck with a pack of relatively young, conservative creeps there for maybe the next thirty years, guys who will uphold the intrusive power of corporations and the U.S. government whether it makes sense or not. Thank you, Senate Democrats—sincerely thank you to the two dozen who tried to stop this, and a big “thanks for nothing!” to the ones who kissed Bush’s ass.

And, by the way, Rahm Emanuel, who heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign committee, has announced that the committee will not be supporting peace candidates in the 2006 election, in spite of the fact that the war is hugely unpopular, in spite of the fact that a Democratic peace candidate came within a hair of winning a traditionally Republican district in Ohio last year and the war is even less popular this year. The Democrats are putting their money on candidates like Tennessee’s Harold Ford, who wants to throw another 375,000 U.S. troops into Iraq so we can “win.” Harold, I got news—we ain’t got another 375,000 troops, and we have no more right to be in Iraq than the Germans had to be in Poland—how many times do I have to say that before it goes national?

Well, most Democrats are whores—they’ll say and do what they think they must to get elected. The Green Party is a political party that stands for peaceful resolution of disputes, whether it gets us elected or not. And this year, with many Democrats trying to out-hawk Bush on this criminal war, it might just get a bunch of us elected. I’m ready.

music: Laurie Anderson, “The Day the Devil Comes to Get You”

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