7 08 2010

President Obama gets our truth in strange places award this month for his comment on Wikileaks’ release of tens of thousands of “secret” documents relating to the US war on Afghanistan:  “these documents don’t reveal any issues that haven’t already informed our public debate on Afghanistan.”

Unfortunately, that’s where his truth train left the track.   Well, not exactly…he also said the document release  “could potentially jeopardize individuals or operations,” and it could, but not because it released inside knowledge to the Taliban.  The information released by Wikileaks “jeopardizes” the war effort by revealing its rickety nature, and by  showing the American empire’s naked ass flapping in the Afghan breeze.  The emperor has no clothes.

One of the most embarrassing facts to be confirmed by the Wikileaks release is the level of co-operation between Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI, and the Taliban.  This makes perfect sense, from the Pakistani point of view:  the US is just passing through, but the Taliban are going to be Pakistan’s neighbors for a long time to come.  Other embarrassments validated by the Wiki release are the total corruption of the Afghan “government” the US is trying to install, and the way US money keeps ending up in Taliban hands.

What the leak reveals is often evidence of war crimes:  civilian deaths,whether  by “accident” or by deliberate assassination of selected civilians, or, as with the Iraq helicopter video that prefaced the full release, the random, intentional slaughter of obviously unarmed civilians.

Considering the exposure of such tactics, it is hypocritical, if not downright schizophrenic, for various US government spokespeople and conservative talking heads to say that Wikileaks “has blood on its hands.”  Wikileaks did not set up the Taliban–America’s CIA and Pakistan’s ISI did that, to defeat the Soviets when they attempted to occupy Afghanistan.  Wikileaks does not conduct assassinations of reputed resistance leaders.  It has no drones, no jet fighters, no tanks, no artillery.  Wikileaks is not the source of hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.  In fact, Wikileaks has been careful to censor the documents it is releasing so that they do not give away the identities of any Afghans who might be put further in harm’s way by disclosure of their collaboration with US forces.

But the government spin machine, like the right-wing spin machine that hopes to replace it in the next couple of elections, has never let facts stand in the way of putting its point across, and the parrots are squawking “Arwak–blood on his hands–blood on his hands.”  The precedent has long been set in this administration, like the Bush administration before it:  whistle blowers will be punished, but the crimes they blow the whistle on will be ignored, or even rewarded.  You know, Tim Geithner….

Meanwhile, the right-wing spin machine is doing its best to out-spin the government with its storm of indignation.  GOP Congressman Mike Rogers, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, has called for execution of the alleged leaker, Bradley Manning, for “treason during time of war.”  One problem, Congressman:  the US never declared war on Afghanistan, and “The Global War on Terror” has no legal standing as a “declared war.”  Not that that will necessarily stop anybody.

Marc Thiessen, a former speech writer for George W. Bush, claimed recently in the Washington Post that Wikileaks is “a criminal enterprise” and said, further

the government has a wide range of options for dealing with him. It can employ not only law enforcement but also intelligence and military assets to bring Assange to justice and put his criminal syndicate out of business.

The first step is for the Justice Department to indict Assange. Such an indictment could be sealed to prevent him from knowing that the United States is seeking his arrest. The United States should then work with its international law enforcement partners to apprehend and extradite him.

In other words, “shoot the messenger.”

Talk about hypocrisy and schizophrenia…conservatives were not nearly so concerned when Dick Cheney and Karl Rove outed Valerie Plame, an “act of treason” that didn’t just confirm what everybody knew already, but destroyed the US’s clandestine efforts to keep tabs on nuclear weapons proliferation–how’s that for “treason,” Congressman Rogers and Mr. Thiessen?  Are you ready to hang Dick Cheney?

I didn’t think so.  Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, eh?

As our President said, Wikileaks publication of the US government’s “top-secret” Afghan war log didn’t really tell us anything we hadn’t suspected, but it certainly does confirm our worst suspicions.  The leak does make one thing very clear:   Afghanistan is just as much a “quagmire” as Vietnam ever was.  Attempts to “surge” and “win” will just kill more people, create more animosity, and waste more money and other resources that would be better spent fixing real problems like climate change, hunger, and the destruction of the natural world.  Bradley Manning deserves a medal, not a trial.  It’s time to grow up as a country, drop our fantasies of world domination,  and re-direct our national attention to what’s really important.

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23 01 2008

with Watergate, we had 17 minutes of suspiciously blank tape….and, according to Democracy Now, a strangely similar deletion has occurred:

New Questions Raised Over Missing White House Emails

New information has come to light about the growing controversy over the millions of missing White House emails. Last week Congressman Henry Waxman revealed the White House had failed to preserve emails for at least 473 days. In addition Vice President Cheney’s office show no electronic messages preserved on 16 separate days. The watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has analyzed the 16 days when Cheney’s office claims it has no email archives. One of the days is Sept. 30, 2003 – the same day the Justice Department and FBI announced they were investigating who outed former CIA agent Valerie Plame. Cheney’s office is also missing e-mails from Oct. 4, 2003 – the day the Justice Department demanded that the White House turn over “all documents that relate in any way” to the leak of Plame’s identity.


5 10 2006

It’s been quite a month for lies…but what else can you expect from a government that sets itself apart from “the reality based community”?

For openers, there was historical fiction in the form of ABC’s “docudrama” on 9-11, which made it look like Bill Clinton was too distracted by his infatuation with Monica Lewinsky to do anything about 9-11. Bill rightly defended himself on Fox news, of all places, by pointing out that all the Republicans who are now excoriating him for letting Osama get away are the ones who were making all the fuss about Monica and pooh-poohing his attempts to kill Bin Laden, and that the Bush administration totally dropped the ball on all those efforts until after 9-11 “took them by surprise,” if indeed it was a surprise to them.

Another lie about 9-11 that surfaced was the EPA’s claim that air quality at ground zero after the blast was good enough to allow most people to work without respiratory protection. Now we find that the vast majority of those who helped clean up the twin towers are suffering from serious lung problems. What was the “Support the Troops” crew’s response to this? They killed Hillary Clinton’s move to earmark two billion dollars to help these people with their health problems. Some support. And, speaking of supporting the troops, they’ve been cutting soldiers’ access to body armor (by outlawing private body armor) and shrinking the Veterans’ Administration’s health programs. Support our troops, right. War is peace. Freedom is slavery.

The lies they told about Iraq—threat to the region, weapons of mass destruction, involvement with international terrorism, repressive government that needs to be toppled so democracy can flourish—have resulted in the deaths of as many Americans as died at the twin towers, the deaths of at least as many Iraqis as Saddam took out, a recruiting bonanza for terrorists, and a failing state in Iraq, a country where now, no one is safe. As one Iraqi commented, “Under Saddam, you knew that if you minded your own business, you wouldn’t be bothered. Now, death can come to anyone at any time.”

Lies….the facts in the Valerie Plame case are still not entirely clear, but it is possible that those who exposed her as an undercover CIA agent weren’t even well enough acquainted with the CIA’s operations to know that she was, in fact, the point person for uncovering Iraq’s secret weapons programs, if there were any—and, apparently, there were not. And this is the place where I say, “America had as much right to invade Iraq as the Nazis had to invade Poland.”

The gang that was so eager to dump Bill Clinton for a blow job sees nothing wrong with Presidential lies that have cost hundreds of thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars. And they see nothing wrong with protecting one of their own who’s a pedophile, if only they can get away with it ’till after the election. Boy, they’re really gonna hafta fix them voting machines good now that Representative Foley’s little indiscretions have come to light. They say incumbents can’t lose unless they’re caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy, and he’s been caught with a live boy. Chairman of the Missing and Exploited Childrens’ Caucus. Family values, yeah yeah yeah.

Now, I think some people may be going too far in not trusting the junta. There are many who question whether the twin towers were planted with demolition charges, whether the Pentagon was hit by an airliner or missile,what NORAD was doing, and so on. I think getting hung up in these kinds of details is a distraction. If there was government collusion or acquiescence in the attack, they didn’t need to be concerned about whether buildings went down, didn’t need to complicate the plot and risk exposure that way—just needed to let it happen—maybe they didn’t think the buildings would come down, maybe that part of the tragedy genuinely surprised and saddened them—things got out of hand. Certainly the continuing exposure of how many warnings were willfully ignored (the CIA’s counterterrorism chief saying “we held a gun to Condi Rice’s head and did everything but pull the trigger”) suggests that they could have known about it and wanted it to happen—or were they just too preoccupied to notice? In either case, they should be criminally liable.

And of course their response since the attack has been nothing short of bizarre. Banning toothpaste from airliners? Seriously, evidence continues to mount regarding the number of individuals kidnapped, tortured, detained, and even killed who had nothing to do with any terrorism. For example, a number of the detainees at Guantanamo are ethnic Uigurs from northwestern China, who had to leave China for their own safety after unsuccessfully opposing the Chinese takeover of their homeland. They saw themselves as fighting for an American kind of freedom—but they were strangers in Pakistan where the US was offering bounties for terrorists, and somebody saw them as easy money and turned them in for the bounty. They didn’t have families who would seek revenge, y’know? And so now they’re in Guantanamo, and the American government they once admired wants to make sure they don’t get out.

Through all this, Bush, Cheney, Gonzalez, et al have insisted that there are important secrets that must be kept and that is why none of their policies can be challenged. I think the most important secret they are trying to keep is what a bunch of incompetent, selfish, lying traitors they are. Let’s put them in Guantanamo and see how they like it!

Well, gee whiz (there I go again!), that’s a dangerous statement to make—because their response to the mounting criticism of their incompetence and venality has been to pass a law that essentially makes it illegal to criticize them. While the recent bill was promoted for its provisions stripping non-citizens of their rights, it also allows the President, or anyone he designates, to deem American citizens as “unlawful enemy combatants” and detain us without any rights, subject us to torture, including detaining our children and torturing them in front of us. I’m not making that up, folks. John Yoo, one of the chief framers of the junta’s torture polices, admitted as much in a public debate.

It looks to me like we are dealing with people who read 1984 and decided Big Brother was cool and Winston Smith was a dumb sucker who should have kept his head down.

The way this bill is written, Cindy Sheehan is subject to indefinite detention. Congressman John Murtha is subject to indefinite detention. Shame on the Democrats who voted for this bill. Shame on the ones who didn’t, but traded the possibility of a filibuster away for the chance to try to amend the bill to soften its impact. They’re making such noble, outraged noises. They should have rushed the podium or set fire to the furniture or at least demanded to be the first ones detained. Let’s get something clear—the junta doesn’t need torture provisions to get info from Middle Easterners—they know you don’t get reliable information from people by torturing them– they need the threat of torture to intimidate Americans. Everybody knows what weenies we are.

Gonzalez says that the 9-11 attacks constitute an invasion and therefore the government has the right to suspend habeus corpus. That statement is so fantastic that I hardly need to say anything about it except that if this guy wasn’t rich and in the government, he’d be on court-ordered meds.


They have abrogated this country’s obligations under the Geneva conventions, which makes America an outlaw country. We are just as hijacked as the people in those jets five years ago, just as hijacked as the good citizens of Germany when Hitler pushed though a similar law in 1933.

Will there be a “Night of the Long Knives” to purge the GOP of Foley, Log Cabin Republicans, and anyone else antithetical to the “family values” crowd?

How many shopping days ’till Kristallnacht?

And what about Stalingrad and the Battle of Berlin?

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10 05 2006

Our honesty in unlikely places award this month goes to three people, plus a runner up. The first-place winner is John Negroponte, “the butcher of Tegucigalpa, “ yes, the guy who saw no evil and heard no evil (but spoke plenty of it) to cover United States support of the terrorist Contras while they subverted the legally constituted government of Nicaragua. Mr. Negroponte, of course, is now America’s top spy, and he has been honest enough to say that he doesn’t think Iran is anywhere near having a nuclear weapon and doesn’t see what all the haste to whip up a war is about. For this honest assessment, he has been branded by some neocon pundits as “disloyal” to the administration. Remember, these are the guys who think they are superior to those of us in “the reality-based community.” Well, as the Queen of Hearts said, “A word means whatever I say it means, no more, no less.,” and our current head of state and his junta certainly are a Wonderland crowd.

Second prize for honesty in unlikely places goes to Iowa Senators Charles Grassley and Tom Harkin, who called for drug czar John Walters to be fired for paying too much attention to marihuana and not enough to methamphetamines. Colorado Senator Ken Salazar is our runner-up. He wasn’t willing to go so far as to say Walters should be fired, but he did criticize the czar for going to Colorado to campaign against a marihuana legalization initiative there. Walters defended his actions by saying “There is a general feeling that people who use marijuana are harmless and kind of funny, There are people coming into the criminal justice system for marijuana and some are engaged in violent crimes, It doesn’t just make you giggle.”

If you want to take the violent crime out of the drug trade, Johnny boy, legalize ’em all and watch the prices drop down too low for criminals to mess with. Rum running stopped when prohibition ended, y’know?

Now, for the dishonesty in likely places award: George W. Bush, hands down, no question.. Here’s his winning stunt:

Back when Valerie Plame was first outed as a CIA secret operative (keeping tabs on Iran’s attempts to create nuclear weapons, it turns out), Mr. Bush made a great show of being serious about finding the leaker. A Grand Jury was convened. The FBI shook down newsrooms. New York Times reporter Judith Miller went to jail to protect her sources.

But now, lo and behold! Mr. Bush says he quietly declassified the information that the grand jury and the FBI were investigating as if it were a stolen secret. Now he tells us. I wonder how Judith Miller feels about that? I wonder how the grand jury feels about that? If you or I were to allege that a crime had occurred, and a grand jury investigation ensued, and then we said, “ Oh—ha ha! just fooling! I did it myself!” we would not even get a jury trial. We would be jailed for contempt of court so fast it would make our heads spin.

Now our commander-in-chief has done just that. He has demonstrated, here and elsewhere, that he was completely disingenuous when he took an oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws of this country. If ever there was a candidate for impeachment, for massive street demonstrations that won’t go away until he does, it’s the man in the White House now.

But where are the Democrats on this? Mostly out to lunch. Where is the press on this? Eating out of W’s hand, or worse. If the Democrats were an opposition party worthy of the name, they’d be boycotting Congress and setting up barricades in the streets. What a lily-livered lot of slime balls they are, putting up effete, token resistance here and there but rolling over on so many big questions—from putting Mussalito on the Supreme Court to authorizing the war and the Patriot Act, from passing the no-escape-for-the poor bankruptcy bill to removing first amendment protections from the internet, the Democrats have demonstrated a remarkable talent for dropping the ball, bending over, and dropping their trousers—and I wish they were doing it to moon the man in charge, but alas that’s not their message. We need a great infusion of rowdy new faces in the halls of government if we are going to get our ship of state off the rocks that Bush, Cheney, et cal have run us onto.

We could know what’s going on in Iran if the gang that couldn’t think straight hadn’t exposed Valerie Plame for petty, political reasons. If the gang that couldn’t think straight hadn’t blown America’s wad on the war in Iraq , a war with as much moral justification as Germany’s 1939 invasion of Poland, we would have enough money to achieve sustainable energy independence. We could have put our young people to work here in America creating the new infrastructure we will need to face the post-peak oil world. Instead, the gang has sent American youth overseas to be killed, maimed, and warped in the crucible of Iraq. We are destroying Iraq, and the long-range consequence of that will be our own destruction. I am incredibly sad and angry about this colossal waste of money and human energy. May we all live to see justice done. May there be enough honest judges left to put Libby, Rove, and their complicit bosses behind bars where they belong. May the liars and thieves in high places repent and spend their lives and fortunes making restitution for all the damage they have done. And, as they say, “May God have mercy on their souls.” I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes..

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9 02 2006

The United States of America took a giant step towards becoming a totalitarian fascist state this month with the confirmation of Samuel J. “Muss”Alito as a Supreme Court Justice, and now there is an argument over whether another step in that direction—the Bush junta’s domestic surveillance program– should be allowed to stand or whether that might just be too much.

Bush, Cheney, and Gonzalez are taking the rather Orwellian stance that their clear violation of the FISA law is not a violation of the law, because the President can do anything he wants during wartime, and we’re at war—except that we are not, by the way, legally “at war.” The resolution that the Senate Democrats so spinelessly approved gave Mr. Bush permission to use all necessary force to go after Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, but that is not the same as a formal declaration of war any more than a separation agreement is a finalized divorce. The Bushoids are stretching the truth here, and mostly getting away with it. No wonder they think they can act outside the law.

The administration is insisting that it’s only interested in people directly linked to Al Qaeda, but my sense is that this is just like all the pressure to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge–it’s intended to set a precedent which can then be followed with more outrageous demands.

And what’s the state of the Onion? It’s enough to make you cry! Mr. Bush finished his speech with “God Bless America.” I say, “God help America!” This country is cruisin’ for a bruisin’. We had as much right to invade Iraq as the Nazis had to invade Poland, and now all the chickenbleep neocons are working it up for a nice, clean air war against Iran. Whomp that tar baby one more time, Mr. Rumsfeld.

Not only are the cowards in the government outraged about being called to account for their illegal surveillance program, they’re all upset that it was revealed. They say it’s a serious blow to our intelligence effort, and that heads will roll when they find out who leaked it.

Our intelligence services’ intelligence quotient must be pretty low if they think that people in the U.S. (or anywhere else) who are talking to Al Qaeda DON”T assume that their phones are tapped. I mean, what are they expecting to hear? “Hassan, it’s me, Mahdi. Our sleeper cell will be meeting tonight at 8PM at the Public Library. Look, we need to talk to Osama about this bomb we’re building for him. Is he there? Could you put him on the phone? Hey, Osama, baby, how’s it goin’? You’re staying in Brindaban-alQat, eh? Like it there? That little hotel by the wadi, that’s where you’re staying? Yeah, that’s my uncle runs it, tell him his nephew Mahdi sez “hello” and I’ll be thinking of him and all the folks back home when we blow up that refinery at 15th and J streets in Houston next week.”

C’mon, guys, get real, they were on to your surveillance long before the New York Times broke the story. You want to prosecute someone for really screwing up our national security? Then give up the guys who outed Valerie Plame and quit playing hide-and-seek with Fitzgerald. Valerie Plame really was on the front line in the effort to keep dangerous weapons away from dangerous people, and you guys blew her cover and destroyed the network she had created, destroyed a working intelligence effort that was keeping harm from being done, and for what? Because her husband told the truth about your lies. How do you sleep? George? Dick? Don? Condoleeza? How do you sleep?

I don’t know how Senate Democrats can sleep, either, except for 24 of them. Twenty spineless cowards who claim to be Democrats joined with the Republican majority to shut down debate on MussAlito’s nomination. Forget about abortion, forget about his apparent willingness to say what people want to hear in order to get a job. This guy is behind the “Unitary Executive” theory of U.S. government 100%., and the Unitary Executive theory basically throws our whole system of checks and balances out the window and concentrates power in the hands of the President. The Bush junta has succeeded in stacking the Supreme Court. We’re stuck with a pack of relatively young, conservative creeps there for maybe the next thirty years, guys who will uphold the intrusive power of corporations and the U.S. government whether it makes sense or not. Thank you, Senate Democrats—sincerely thank you to the two dozen who tried to stop this, and a big “thanks for nothing!” to the ones who kissed Bush’s ass.

And, by the way, Rahm Emanuel, who heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign committee, has announced that the committee will not be supporting peace candidates in the 2006 election, in spite of the fact that the war is hugely unpopular, in spite of the fact that a Democratic peace candidate came within a hair of winning a traditionally Republican district in Ohio last year and the war is even less popular this year. The Democrats are putting their money on candidates like Tennessee’s Harold Ford, who wants to throw another 375,000 U.S. troops into Iraq so we can “win.” Harold, I got news—we ain’t got another 375,000 troops, and we have no more right to be in Iraq than the Germans had to be in Poland—how many times do I have to say that before it goes national?

Well, most Democrats are whores—they’ll say and do what they think they must to get elected. The Green Party is a political party that stands for peaceful resolution of disputes, whether it gets us elected or not. And this year, with many Democrats trying to out-hawk Bush on this criminal war, it might just get a bunch of us elected. I’m ready.

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24 07 2005

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more outrageous, it got more outrageous. It’s not enough to believe three impossible things before dinner, it’s got to be six. Or ten. Karl Rove and the Bush gang are spinning and blowing smoke as hard as they can, but there are some facts that just won’t go away, no matter who they nominate for the supreme court—which is an audacious move to make,since the questions and answers involved in the Valerie Plame affair should be enough to remove Mr. Bush and his gang of slime from office and preclude them from nominating anyone to the supreme court. How many criminals get to appoint their own judges? In any parliamentary democracy they would have had to resign or risk being shouted down. In the tin-horn countries of the world, their own military would have taken them out by now. Up against the wall, Mr. President!

Here are the facts

1. Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA operative, in charge of the worldwide U.S. effort to keep rogue nations from creating weapons of mass destruction. Her unmasking has virtually destroyed that effort, put the lives of many of her associates in danger, and made life less safe for everyone on the planet. The CIA does have its good causes, and this was one of them, but no more.

2. Karl Rove is subject to Executive Order 12958, which specifically forbids those privy to classified information from disclosing it directly or confirming that someone without security clearance knows something that is technically classified. This executive order was revised and updated by George W. Bush on March 25, 2003,

3. Mr. Rove learned about Valerie Plame’s CIA cover at a White House briefing before he talked to anybody in the press about it. This happened in late June or early July of 2003, not that long after EO 12958.

4. Rove, at very least by a nod and a wink, which is still a violation of Executive Order 12958 , let several reporters know that Valerie Plame’ worked secretly for the CIA and encouraged them to publish this information.

5. Penalties for violations are not optional. EO 12958 specifically says “Officers and employees of the United States Government … shall be subject to appropriate sanctions if they knowingly, willfully, or negligently … disclose to unauthorized persons information properly classified.”

6. Mr. Bush is stepping back from his constitutionally mandated duty to enforce his own executive order.

So the question gets to be, what does the Bush junta think they have to gain by all this?

Let’s step back and check into the action in the natural world. On the Pacific Coast of the U.S., coastal water temperatures are running 3-5 degrees warmer than normal. Tropical species are appearing in water where they have never been seen before. Mortality of some seabird species is up by a factor of 50. On the Atlantic coast, the ocean off St. John’s, Newfoundland, is the warmest it’s ever been, and the sea ice last winter was the thinnest, although the Labrador Current is running colder than normal—possibly as a result of increased ice-cold meltwater flowing into it from the Greenland icecap. In the Caribbean, we have had two major hurricanes in JULY and the water is, again 2-5 degrees warmer than normal.

On another front, Peter Raven, curator of the Missouri Botannical Garden and a recognized expert on ecology, said recently in an interview in England’s Guardian newspaper, that he believes we will see half to two-thirds of all species on the planet go extinct in the next hundred years.

What this mean to me, folks, is that the disaster snowball has started rolling and picking up speed.

The Bush junta, of course, officially denies all this, but I think they’re lying about what they think about climate change just as surely as they’re lying about just about anything else you’d care to mention. You see, if they deny it, they don’t have to do anything about it. If they cut all the safety nets, throw out all the safeguards, and grab all the resources they can for themselves, they figure they’ve got a better chance of making it through the impending disaster, and you and I are more likely to die, and then they won’t have to deal with us and our annoying questions.

Bush’s ranch is set up to be solar powered. Frist is building a bunker in his new house in Nashville. No telling what else they are doing in undisclosed locations around the country. They know there’s a storm coming, and they want to be the ones to survive. That’s why they don’t care a rat’s behind about conscience, integrity, fairness, or compassion: they think we’re standing at the end of history, the beginning of a new dark age in which they can be the lords and write the history. Meanwhile, they figure, you’ve got to break a few eggs to make an omlet.

Are they insane? Quite possibly. I believe that it is still possible to reorganize society along sane lines, to create a world in which concerned neighbors and not the devil will see to the hindmost. The same Jesus they love to flaunt said, “Howsoever ye treat the least of mine, is how ye treat me,” and I believe that is the standard to which we need to hold ourselves. George, Karl, Dick, and their ilk can run, they can even hide for a while, but ultimately they cannot escape their fundamental miscalculation: the stability of a society is not based on its material resources but on the morality and sanity of its members: and when it comes to morality and sanity, the Bushies haven’t got a clue. They are as doomed to failure as the Third Reich. I just pray we can get these bad actors off stage without the catastrophic conclusion that it took to end Mr. Hitler’s little morality play.

May God have mercy on your soul, Karl. You may be able to B.S. the American people but you can’t B.S. Nature.

Much thanks to for many of the facts and quotes in this story.

P.S. (added in September) Since I wrote this, all that warm water in the Gulf of Mexico has parlayed into two more major hurricanes….and who’s in charge of the reconstruction effort? Karl Rove!

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